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FPPF Wedding Photography Workshop

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The FPPF Wedding Photography Workshop is designed to hone photographers to effectively cover and document weddings and prepare them as professional wedding photographers. The first Wedding Photography Workshop will be held on November 17-22, 2009, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, at the FPPF Studio in Intramuros, Manila.

The six-day workshop is aimed at aspiring wedding photographers, advanced amateurs, photography studios who do wedding coverage, hobbyists and photography students who want to learn the ropes of wedding photography.

Two noted professional wedding photographers will conduct the workshop: Jomel Gregorio and Joe Galian, both professional photography instructors at the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts.

For Jomel Gregorio, the wedding image should be simple but should immortalize the true emotions, human interactions and split second details of that special day. To be unique it should be captured with style.

Joe Galian currently shoots for various high end wedding photography studios. He will showcase various styles involved in wedding portraiture and the photojournalistic style of wedding coverage.

The Wedding Photography Workshop will also feature wedding photo lectures from FPPF instructors Vic Sison, Ador Pamintuan and graphic artist Frando Culata.

Course content:

DAY-1 TUESDAY (Marketing Day)
- Introduction
- About Philippine Wedding Photography
- Different Church Weddings: Chinese, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Hindu
- Photographers' Etiquette and Proper Decorum and Attire
- Preparing Your Team, Equipment and Logistics
- Mandatory Wedding Shot List and Division Of Labor
- Wedding Contract Elements and Sample
- Wedding Photo Services and Professional Fee Guidelines
- Wedding Suppliers Sample
- Wedding Online Portfolio Guide
- Finding Your Shooting Style
- Joining Bridal Fairs
- Archiving and Protecting Photography Files Against Disasters

DAY-2 WEDNESDAY (Preparation Day)
- Lecture: Off-cam Flash and Mix Lighting
- Lecture: How to Light And Shoot The Hotel Preparation
- Shooting: The Groom with Wardrobe, Accessories And Relatives
- Shooting: The Bride with Gown, Accessories And Relatives
- Shooting: Pre-Church Portraitures

DAY-3 THURSDAY (Church Ceremonies)
- Lecture: How to Shoot And Mix Lighting At Church
- Shooting: The Church Procession and Recession (Simulation)
- Shooting: Church Portraitures
- Shooting: Re-enacting the Exchange of Rings and The Kiss

DAY-4 FRIDAY (Portrait Session)
- Lecture: How to Shoot and Mix Lighting The Portrait Session
- Demo Outdoor Creative Shooting: Bride and Groom
- Group Outdoor Shooting: Bride and Groom

DAY-5 SATURDAY (At the Reception)
- Lecture: Studio Lighting Setup and Posing At the Reception
- Studio Shooting: Formal and Informal Group Poses
- Studio Shooting: Formal and Informal Portraiture for Bride and Groom
- Demo: Wedding Album Layout using Adobe Photoshop (A Few Pages) and Sample
- Demo: Photo AVP with Windows Media Player (or Pro Show Gold) and Sample
- Homework: Create A Photo AVP Of The Workshop's Wedding Shoots
- Selection and Submission Of All Photo Entries

DAY-6 SUNDAY (Graduation Day)
- Submission of Wedding AVP Assignment
- Judging of Photo Entries: Best Bride and Groom Portraitures (Solo and Together)
- Judging of Photo AVP Assignments
- Announcements of All Winning Entries
- Graduation Rites
- Class Batch Pictures
Merienda Cena

Workshop Fee: P7,500


Now's your chance to take your photography hobby to the next level and maybe start really earning from it by taking 2nd-photographer and pre-nuptial photographer gigs.

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