Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doña Salud Resort

Doña Salud Private Hotsrping Resort is located in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. It was recommended by a friend so we arranged to celebrate our birthday there with our immediate family.

Generally, we were happy with the resort. We stayed at Villa Flor (which can be rented for 24 hours for P10,000). It has three bedrooms (one of which is the master's) with their bathrooms. There are also two shower rooms and a CR outside, near the pool. There is a billiards table (which we didn't use), a videoke (which we didn't use much), dining area and kitchen.

Rent for use of the gas range is P200 while additional beds cost P100/ea. Blankets are not provided but could be rented for P50. All beds in the bedrooms have trundle beds under so the place can really accommodate groups of people as big as 20-30.

The map to the place could have been better, but anyway, all one has to do is watch out for the Binalot restaurant after the public school (at your right, if you're coming from Calamba Crossing). The entrance to Solemar Subdivision is just right across Binalot.

Villa Flor

the shower area near the pool

netting over the pool, kiddie pool is 2-2.5 feet deep
and the adult pool is up to 5 feet

master's bedroom

other bedroom

fountain and garden area

kitchen with a really deep sink

bathrooms in the rooms were styled as if you're still outdoors

The aircons were working super fine, it was cold. There's a spotlight on the pool at night. There are no TVs in the rooms though. There is a grill area and they even provide the tongs. The master's bedroom is nearest the kitchen and videoke/dining area. Surprisingly also, we weren't bugged by mosquitoes and flies so everybody really had fun being outdoors.

The 4-bedroom villas cost P16k for overnight (and P18k during December). There is a room not within any villa that could be rented for P1k that's also air conditioned.

All in all, we were really satisfied and the staff were very accommodating and responsive too.

For reservations and contact numbers, call Ruth at:
Mobile: +639209052766
Land line 049 502 2533

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