Friday, November 27, 2009

Delimondo Corned Beef

I have heard of Delimondo Corned Beef for a while now but since I am not really a fan of corned beef, I never cared to sample it. I also haven't been to the Legazpi Sunday Market where such is sold.

But then a classmate brought some in our FSL class and decided to give me a can because I haven't tried it. I prepared it with a potato, chopped, and some onions. And it was really, really tasty. Really quite different from the usual corned beef. It also comes with a lot of its own oil (which could prove a bummer if you used plastic dining ware) so you need not add anymore when you're heating it. It's really very delicious. One can if good for 2-4 people (depending on whether you have anything else to eat with it, and how much you eat of it). Perfect for both rice and bread!

If you cannot wait for the Sunday Market, you can purchase these from Petra and Pilar, at Chinos Roces Ave. cor. Exportbank Drive, Makati.

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