Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minimize Allergies

Even with the sun shining bright as of this writing, BER months bring with it a better, cooler climate for Filipinos. It also brings with it allergies. So aside from eating healthy and downing your daily dose of Vitamin C, make sure you also do some spring cleaning of sorts in your home. Rid nooks and crevices of dust and cool, damp places of molds. Check your closets and drawers for things you can already discard. Check your linens and beddings which may need changing.

And have your air conditioner cleaned. Aside from saving you energy after it's cleaned, it will be working better (enough that you may wish for a heated blanket on the same thermostat level) and won't be triggering allergic rhinitis as you sleep.

And of course, make room for enough rest and sleep amid the year-end stress and Holiday merrymaking with friends.

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