Monday, October 05, 2009

Makansutra Asian Food Village

Makansutra is a restaurant in the Manila Ocean Park Complex. It celebrates popular Asian cuisine, with work stations for each dish. One can enjoy popular street fare from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with the security of local Filipino favorites like bulalo and sinigang na baboy.

The decor is just exquisite! It's a photographers haven with all its woodwork and clean lines and very large space and endearing setup. One can go around first to check out all the fares they want but still order and pay for it in just one of the cash registers. And the cost of all the dishes is just plain affordable!

And the taste? Perfect. The serving proportion is just enough for one without leaving someone too stuffed or deprived. And really, everything we ordered were just tasty and wonderful and interesting and delightful and left me wanting to go back for more and more and more.

Mind you, I am not an adventurous eater. I never imagined i'd be interested to try everything there, but seriously, I cannot wait to be back!

the beverage and desserts section

Singapore fare

Filipino fare

Chinese fare

Michael Jackson drink, soy drink and black beans
(didn't try it but hubby and son loved it!)

Binagoongan Rice, very savory & interesting
(first time for me to eat this, having to get some of the pork, rice,
shredded mango and scrambled egg)

Bulalo, which was very tasty and the beef cuts, very tender

Pork Asado, with pork cooked two different ways
and the rice very flavorful (they boil it in broth)

Crispy Catfish, which didn't interest me much but turned
out to be most heavenly, the pickled green mangoes were the best
and the fish was very cripsy and tasty

Sigh. Just blogging about the food made my stomach rumble. But really, this is such a great, great, great place to eat. And because the area is so big, the atmosphere akin to fine dining is retained.


Surjya said...

Yeah, the Michael Jackson drink is really an energetic drink. Especially, for children this particular drink can help in baby brain development. The other cuisines are also exclusive and are highly nutritional diet.

Jo Tan said...

we loved the food in Makansutra.
I hope they improve their service :)

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