Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheaper Soy Milk

Some avid exercisers and people wanting to lose weight do not just depend on weight loss pills. They also modify their diet and lifestyle a lot. One trick i've learned that gym buffs in Las PiƱas are doing is drinking soy milk a lot. And they order this directly (or almost) from the supplier. The neighborhood magtataho delivers the pure fresh milk to them in 1.5 liter containers.

And guess how much that costs? Only P60!!!

The catch is, because it's really, really, really pure soy milk, it has to be consumed within the day. I guess those living at the start of a taho route can extend their soy milk for two days if it's properly refrigerated. But then again, taho rounds are everyday so one really need not worry about running out, they just really have to consume everything so their money (and the soy) won't go to waste.

So ask your neighborhood magtataho, maybe you can have a similar setup with him :)

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