Saturday, September 05, 2009

Don Vito Italian Restaurant

Don Vito Italian Restaurant is affiliated with Boracay Mandarin Hotel. I believe this is where guests at the hotel have their complimentary breakfast.

Anyway, I do not have good pics of our dining experience there since we were mostly chatting with new-found friends and going after our son. Plus, we stayed outside where it's dark and flash didn't work well for us. But I loved their thin-crust pizza (which, even though it was Italian, I didn't find too tangy and herb-y) and soup. The prices are also competitive if you're used to a little fine dining in Manila but do not really want to splurge. And they have this acoustic band that helps ante up the dining experience as well as relax you.

Our friends liked going there for pre-dinner drinks.

And I don't know if it's because it was off-peak season when we went there but the staff were really friendly and one of them even gave us a reprieve by babysitting our son for us. He entertained him by showing him the lagoon they had and the fish in it so we got to enjoy our pizza dinner more. This reminded our Filipino-Swedish guests that such is the practice in restaurants in Thailand. So yeah, service seems like it was world-class.

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