Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rabies Watch

I read a story about a six year old boy who was scratched by their neighbor's dog October of last year. The boy died of rabies, which manifested, December 21. That's two months after the scratch. Nobody knew that the dog had rabies because it disappeared soon after the scratching incident, which everyone assumed to be just an incident of running away.

So households with pets should really know more than just how to train their pets or where to get pet supplies. They have to be vigilant with shots. And every incident involving any animal that could have rabies should be checked by a doctor, the animal observed and the necessary shots acquired.

Rabies shots are very expensive and only RITM and San Lazaro Hospital usually treat people bitten by dogs. Few people also know that once rabies symptoms manifest, it's too late for anything to be done and mortality is 100%. Few people also know that a scratch or licking can transmit rabies.

Know more about rabies here.

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