Friday, August 14, 2009

Planning Major Expenses

One of the things that married couples can do (and they can include the kids if they're big enough to understand and compute along with them) is to plan major expenses, say, within a five-year time period.

This will help keep the necessary purchases (like maintenance work on the house, replacing the car, enrolment expenses, maybe even birthday expenses and family trips) on everybody's mind. Plus, it will be easy to rfer to them when one or two don't feel like contributing to the savings fund. Not every family with a car will require Ferrari parts but it still costs a lot maintaining a car and paying for its insurance. One may expect to pay P30k for one each year, and that does not include gas prices.

They say if you have the goal in mind, the way presents itself. Plus, you are more likely to actually find ways if you know what it is you want to achieve. And if you know you cannot replace certain things just yet, you are also more apt to take better care of what you do have. So plan major expenses and purchases. Don't waste your resources and enjoy more out of life!

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