Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mr. Choi

I have long been a regular at Mr. Choi's. First of all, it's not that expensive, it's Chinese cooking and it swears to not using MSG in their food. And generally, the food is either good or great, and the servings are huge.

Favorites include wanton noodle soup, sweet and sour fish, lemon butter chicken and their siopao. Their chopsuey is good too and their congees come in really huge bowls.

The ambience is a little intimate but because it's affordable, it's perfect for family dinners and barkada lunch. The staff are usually accommodating but I won't say service is great.

One other thing that keeps me coming back to Mr. Choi again and again is their fish skin chips (I think it's milkfish skin) that are really, really tasty and crunchy and all kinds of snackable. I usually send those to my relatives in the U.S.

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