Sunday, August 23, 2009

Modernizing Your Rooms

Modern design is usually clean, practical, sleek and functional. And then of course, there are those abstract pieces to add character to the home. But what are some simple ways to modernize your home without having to do a complete overhaul?

Here are a few easily done tips:

1) Spring clean. Stuff you haven't touched, used or needed in a year, let go of them all.

2) Also let go of your bulkier pieces of furniture. Money gotten from the garage sale could get you new cabinets and shelves.

3) Try new places for places for home decor and furnishings. Maybe additional seats can all fit under the center table and not be in the way when not in use. Maybe pictures could be hung on a wall instead (you can even have an entire wall just peppered with pictures) to make way for books on shelves.

4) Repaint your home in monochromatic colors, and avoiding flowery wallpaper.

5) Try a few, well-chosen loud colors as accents to your home. These may be throw pillows in red and orange or table runners or the background of each shelf.

6) Install some metal tiles in your bar, kitchen counter or even in your bathroom.

7) Play with your lighting possibilities and maximize spaces with natural light.

Injecting life into our homes isn't the daunting task we usually think it is. Sometimes, all we really need is some rearrangement (and re-thinking) of our furniture and home layout.

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