Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Kids Into Sports

We all know that sports benefits a child more than instructional videos and game consoles will ever do. And according to the August issue of Baby Magazine, it actually helps them become more intelligent. So how do we start them off to activity?

1) First, we should be active and sporty ourselves. Actively running after them, playing catch, hopping around with them and exercising with them will all help gear them towards sports. Even doing chores with them can help.

2) Observe what your child prefers. If he likes playing with balls, maybe you can take him to the local mall's game and activity area for some bowling, hoops, etc. If he likes kicking or running, play soccer with him at the park. If he likes hitting stuff, see if he's goo at batting or if he'd enjoy a round of kiddie golf at Shangri la. Certainly it's not Myrtle beach golf at any rate but if he's into it, you can still take him on a trip to Camp John Hay in Baguio and play golf among the pines.

3) Start small. You need not invest in expensive balls and gear yet. But summer classes are usually an inexpensive way to know if you should be investing or not. Try free classes as well. Rent gear if it's available.

4) Offer variety. Let your child change his mind and interests. How else would you really know what he is passionate about?

5) Be involved. Don't just send your tot to swimming lessons without being the one in the pool with them. Attend games, watch practices, study up with him on heroes, tactics and inspirational stories. Be a constructive critique and cheerleader and make the same friends he's making.

Raise your child with a clear concept of commitment, discipline and hard work paying off. They need not be Olympians but having healthy and happy kids should be incentive enough for all parents to get their kids into sports.

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