Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biggest Loser At Work

There may be a better approach to losing weight. More fun too, when you think about it. So before considering weight loss supplements, look at the friends/colleagues you have in your workplace first. Is there anyone who would also want to lose weight but has problems with motivation? If so, then come up with an agreement with them and take a leaf from the show, Biggest Loser.

Agree on a pot money which will be given as prize to the one who registers the biggest percentage weight loss. Keep the time frame short, like a month or two. If there are many joining, maybe you can split the cash pot in two, to give the second biggest loser some consolation prize. The good thing about this is you'd also be each other's exercise mates and dining monitors. It's easy and convenient to eat lunch together everyday and exercise after work hours. If there are five of you, maybe you can also designate a "Chef for the Day" to prepare the lunch. And then you can hit the office gym together, or just utilize the stairway at your office. High-rises are an advantage because running up and down these stairs will really be great cardio.

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