Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trainings for P100

The Philippine Trade Training Center offers a lot of seminars that are valuable and likely to increase one's opportunities. The best thing is that there are a number that only costs P100 which also makes it very affordable.

Time Management This half –day briefing will provide the participants basic and practical techniques to achieve more by the proper usage of time It will also teach them on how to prioritize on the things that matter and to eliminate time-wasters that hamper productivity. July 20, 2009

5S of Good Housekeeping This half-day seminar will introduce the participants to a company's housekeeping programs. Specifically, it will open the employee's mind and guide them in reviewing their habits and attitudes toward themselves, their work place and the environment. July 31, 2009, October 30, 2009

Corporate Culture: Filipino Values in the Workplace This half-day seminar will provide the participants an understanding of the concepts of corporate culture and other values involved in fostering the spirit of teamwork effectiveness to achieve optimum performance and productivity in the workplace August 7, 2009, November 6, 2009

Putting Your Business Online This half-day seminar provides participants with the basic knowledge they need to start putting their business online and use the power of the Internet to promote and sell their products and services. This seminar is for people new to the Web and e-Commerce and want to build an attractive, interactive and accessible website for their own company. August 14, 2009, September 10, 2009, November 4, 2009

Briefing on Food Packaging The seminar will develop the participants' ability to create their own winning packages and update them on the labeling requirements August 14, 2009, November 13, 2009

How to Start a Business This half day seminar provides guidelines and procedures on setting up a business, particularly in developing business ideas and knowing the documentary requirements needed to secure legal personality of the business. August 25, 2009, October 6, 2009, December 8, 2009

The KAIZEN Philosophy KAIZEN is a term the Japanese use to mean improvement. It is a Philosophy that is focused on small and gradual improvements over a long period of time. By encouraging the company's workforce to apply kaizen and use even the most basic quality enhancement tools, employees are encouraged to seek continual improvement in their jobs. More than quality assurance, the kaizen philosophy is also concerned with matters such as waste elimination, just in time delivery, and standardized work. September 1, 2009

Cleaner Production Understand the definition, concepts, and principles of cleaner production and its advantages when applied in the workplace.

Course Content:
Introductory Concepts
- Definition of Pollution
- Multi-media Transfer of Pollution
- Emerging Trends in Environmental Management
- Business Elimination of Waste

Definition of Cleaner Production
- Material Balance Model
- Benefits of Cleaner Production
- Waste Management Hierarchy
- Source Reduction Methods
- Recycling
- Treatment and Safe Disposal
September 2, 2009

Finding the Right Market for the Right Product This half-day seminar will provide the participoants an understanding of the various factors in determining the right market for their product/s for a profitable business. September 8, 2009

Briefing on Food Labelling The orientation seminar will provide the participants an update on the food labeling requirements. October 9, 2009

Briefing on Food Safety This briefing features an overview of food safety requirements, criteria, procedures, and its benefits to the company and clients. October 20, 2009

Stress Management This half-day orientation will provide the participants knowledge on what is stress, its negative and positive effects, learn how to manage and control stress and ways to combat stress. October 23, 2009

Appreciation Course: Open Source Software This half-day orientation/briefing will provide the participants knowledge on softwares available which can be used, changed, improved, and can be redistributed it in a modified or unmodified forms. Specifically, the focus of the orientation is for micro and small business application of the open source software such as website development using Content Management System (CMS) and other applications. November 25, 2009

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