Friday, July 03, 2009

Star City

For those who haven't been for several years, like me, prepare to be happily surprised.

One of the bigger change made is that most of the kiddie and family-friendly rides are now located indoors (except the Viking one). Hopefully, they turn on the air-conditioning full blast when the place is crowded but really, it's a cool, nice area to hang around. And there are so many food stalls to fit any budget.

What's more, there is a huge playground with rubber matting for flooring, a great place to let your child run about and play if he's not into rides yet.

And I love the Peter Pan world they created.

It's P60 for entrance only, P250 for three rides and P300 for ride-all-you-can tickets. Babies below 3 feet get to enter and ride free (since the rides they can enjoy are pretty limited anyway). It's only open on weeknights and the Wild River wasn't operational when we went there.

There are strollers, umbrollers and push carts for rent for babies.

the playground (2nd floor)

inside Peter Pan's world

the Viking ride

the Surf Dance

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