Saturday, July 11, 2009

Consider Sign Language with Babies

There are a lot of things people learn on their own, like playing a favorite game or mastering an art. There are also a lot of things people learn for themselves, like the advantages of a Blue Cross North Carolina over others. But communication, the ability to, is something parents foster in a child. The sooner a child realizes that he can get his ideas across, the earlier he gets empowered to explore his surroundings and be his own person.

So do consider sign language with babies. This removes the pressure for them to verbalize but allows for maximum interaction and possibilities. Consider signing time videos or learning on your own and start communicating as early as you guys can. The rewards in your relationship are just really astonishing and sign laguage does not impede verbal development. It just boosts socioemotional development early.

Sign language is also really great for kids with special needs.

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