Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cafe Latte

Or Cafe L@tte :)

If there's one great thing that came out of being stranded in Kalibo, it was having dined at Cafe Latte. It's a coffee shop and internet cafe in one. The ambience is very cozy and dark and actually chic but the offerings are all very affordable. Internet is P30/hour. I highly recommend the food especially the ones we tried (fish spring rolls, sotanghon soup and adobong baboy in kalamansi) because the servings were huge and the quality was excellent. The sotanghon soup cost P150 but it was easily good for three.

The cafe is about five minutes away from the airport on a tricycle so those with delayed flights leaving Kalibo can easily drop by and enjoy their great food and friendly service.


I am not a fan of the Quency cakes they offer though. We tried the white chocolate mousse cake and it tasted like a glorified version of a cake from a small-time bakery.

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