Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boracay Beachfront Accommodations

Here are some establishments I noticed that are beachfront, for those who want such accommodations and are first-timers in Boracay and have no idea. Or for people like us who haven't been for years and also had no idea.

La isla Bonita Resort - Station 3 (just beside the alley going to the original Talipapa, haven for souvenir and outfit shopping)

Casa Pilar - Station 2 (with separate nipa hut-type rooms)

Red Coconut - Station 1 (with al fresco dining facilities and offering brick-oven pizza)

Boracay Regency - Station 1

Serge's Palace Beach Resort - Station 2

Boracay Sands - Station 3 (also near original talipapa and with an FIC cafe in front)

Boracay Sandcastles - Station 1

Crystal Sand Resort - Station 1

Boracay Dream Beach Resort - Station 1 (beside Boracay Sandcastles, sorry I only took a picture of the sign)

White Beach de Boracay - Station 1 (also read my review of their garden view room)

Casa Fiesta - Station 1 (has a sister resort in La Fiesta, which is in the same area as White Beach's garden view rooms)

La Carmela de Boracay - Station 2 (I didn't take a picture because I was distracted by all the banners with Boy Abunda's face on it, hehe)

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Rainbow Rooms said...

Of those mentioned above I would most lke to stay in Sandcastles, the room are right on the beach and look very plush. Red Cocunut does sell good food though and has a pool. www.gayboracay.com

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