Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angel Wish Dish Restaurant - D'Talipapa

Angel Wish Dish Restaurant is located at D'Talipapa, just around the (left) bend from the more famous Plato D'Boracay. They offer an a la carte menu as well as cooking service. They also charge less than Plato for that service (about P20-50 difference per kilo), for example, they only charge P100 for baking a kilo of oysters while Plato charges P130 for it.

We never did get them to cook bought seafood for us because we already enjoyed their a la carte menu. Their servings are good for 2-3 and their beverages are also cheaper compared to Plato.

fish sinigang (forgot what fish)

pepper steak, must try! costs around P140 (with rice)

the calamares (crispy squid), P80 per order, big serving
and the batter isn't greasy and the dish remains crispy;
calamansi juice costs P40

forgot what kind of steak this was

chicken tinola, i'd have wanted more broth
but it was delicious just the same

I really found their food delicious and value for money. They're still not as cheap as Andok's or the alley carinderias in Boracay but spending less than P200 per meal per person is already cheap in Boracay standards. Their food has that homecooked quality. Their place is small though (i'm not sure if there are more seats upstairs) and can only comfortably accommodate around a dozen to twenty people.

If ever we'd go back to Boracay anytime soon, i'd certainly make their resto my second home!

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