Monday, June 01, 2009

We Don't Need Milk

It's really hard to get it out of system, the thinking that we NEED milk. But the truth is, after hitting one year old and aside from breastmilk, kids/people do not really NEED milk anymore. Sp parents really shouldn't be worrying about what formula brand to use as diet supplement.

But we do NEED calcium. Fortunately, we can get calcium from fruits and vegetables. Onions actually have a lot of calcium in them, so using more for your dishes will not only supply you with more of the nutrients that you need, your food will also be more falvorful.

Moringa Olefeira is also very rich in calcium. If you're not up to eating tinola everyday, then just pop capsules everyday as multi-vitamin.

Does that mean we shouldn't buy milk anymore? Certainly, if we don't want to or do not have the money to do so. Nor should we forcing our kids to drink milk. But we should be fostering a love for the good food in our young, so we should serve more fruits and vegetables (in small portions and more frequent meals) to them. And we definitely should eat more fruits and begetables ourselves, to keep fit and have the energy to do all our tasks.

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