Monday, June 08, 2009

The Stork Studio

If you want a professional capture of your baby's precious moments, do consider The Stork Studio. They offer one of the more affordable packages and a choice to do the session in the studio or outdoors.

Check out their gallery for a feel of what they can offer. Pictures are also uploaded in their site for a year and they offer digital files buyout packages for photoshoots with them.


Unknown said...

wow!was really encourage to enroll my turning 2year-old baby here..pero by next year na of course..hope to meet nanay innes soon. coz according to what i have read, it is exactly the was i want to raise my child, eating healthy good and enjoying while learning..:)

Unknown said...

would love to meet nanay innes! i was amazed how this blog was created. will surely enrol my child to this "school". coz what i've read is exactly the same way i'd like to raise my child, eating healthy food and enjoying life while learning. :)

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