Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The First Years Clean and Simple Sports Bottle Sippy Cup BPA Free

A friend gifted us with this one when my son turned one. Took us several months before I decided to use it but after using it and realizing how spillproof it is, I gave away or threw all my son's other sippy cups and bottles.

This is perfect for bringing our own water when we go out. I did put juice in it one time but either I didn't wash the bottle soon enough or the plastic really absorbs some of the flavor of the juice. Didn't have problem when I used this to give milk to my son.

It's really an effortless bottle to use. You just have to screw the cap in. Both parts are very washable. It looks cool. And like what I said earlier, it's very spillproof.

I was a little confused at first though, wondering how my child will get to his drink (because the nozzle seemed closed). I even started picking on the plastic thingie there till I got the brilliant realization that one has to suck/sip at the nozzle to be able to drink. Good thing my son has no problem doing that and so, he loves this bottle. I can just stow it in my bag with the exta clothes and diapers and not worry about spills and leaks.

Really, really great and highly recommended.

Read another review here and source of picture is here. I'm not sure though where it is available locally (because the one who gifted me with it has a husband who flies to different parts of the world) but do try the usual baby stuff stores (SM Baby & Company usually carry a lot of The First Years products). Also try friends/family going to Australia.

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