Friday, June 05, 2009

Diet Pills and Children

Use of diet pills by teenagers is increasing, at least in the Western World. But our daughters are soon to follow. Already, little girls are already measuring their worth according to their looks (my niece keeps on asking her parents if she's fat) and these little girls will grow up into troubled teens looking for quick fixes and giving in to commercial pressure of what's good looking.

But there is something parents can do. Actually, at least two major things parents can do. The first is to cultivate a good relationship with the child, one where issues and concerns can readily be aired and discussed and where support, appreciation and guidance is consistently given. The next is to develop good eating habits and a generally healthy lifestyle in your kids. Getting them interested in outdoor activities and sports will make them appreciate the value of good food, and they may be less concerned of their looks since they're used to being sweaty and dirty. Plus, they at least have as much opportunity as possible to burn the excess calories they ingest from sweet cakes and fastfood.

No self-respecting physician will prescribe diet pills on a child or teener. But an insecure teener may be quite resourceful in getting their hands on some, and this may result in serious medical problems after. So stop the nightmare before it even begins, by loving your kids and loving them right.


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