Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Decorative Sinks

If you're building your home right now and looking to add more character to it, may I suggest then that you consider other materials for bathroom sinks?
Sure, there are actually a great array of designs to choose from now, but maybe you can use traditional or everyday things as sinks instead.
I once saw huge actual clam shell sinks in a restaurant, complete with bamboo faucets. And though i'd rather not have everyone diving for those large shells, these things can at least be recreated. For ideas how, Google search is of much help.
Decorative plates and bowls can also be used as sinks. And those sturdy basins from a bygone era. You can even have clay pottery as sink instead of the more modern ceramic fire and glazed ones.

Such things will lend some added charm to your bathrooms and will be great talking points with your guests.

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