Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Casa Reyes Restaurant

Yes, they're related to Reyes Barbecue (maybe even Aristocrat, judging from the pictures in the restaurant and the peanut sauce). This one we ate in was located at SM Manila (am not sure where their other branches area).

The place was a little cramped. It was inviting and the menu selection can make your mouth drool. Certainly, one need not be able to afford Outer Banks rentals to eat here but I also think the offerings were a tad overpriced considering their portions.

The service was also very slow so definitely, do not eat here if you're in a hurry.

But the food tastes great. The fish escabeche (last picture) reminded me of crispy-fried fish balls. Absolutely loved the sauce.

They also offer a mean selection of desserts, one of the bestsellers being frozen brazo de mercedes (I don't know which is the ice cream part).

Would I eat here again? Sure... but I won't be itching to do so.

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bing said...

it looks like the food is good. the pic had me drooling..

hi, bloghopped from panaderos.

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