Monday, June 08, 2009

Arugaan Day Care

Arugaan Day Care is a ten-hour creche operated by Innes Fernandez, a staunch advocate of breastfeeding and going back to our Filipino roots of eating, learning and being a family. It was started with PIA before but is now moved to Nanay Innes' Marikina home.

I have only spent an afternoon there but from that short visit, here is what I know one can expect from this day care:
1) it accepts babies up to 3 years of age
2) the babies there eat nothing but breastmilk (their mother's expressed ones or from a wet nurse when needed) or organic food; all clients bring their own water though
3) food is served every two hours or so, so even the most finicky will not go hungry (especially since there will be other kids to compete and eat with)
4) the sala has been converted into one big activity area where the kids can play and learn
5) there are hammocks for those who want to sleep, but the kids are also not forced to sleep, and nobody quiets down just because someone is sleeping so that the kids will get used to the noise
6) kids can expect to sing a lot, and there are also activities like water play, learning the alphabet and arts and crafts
7) i believe the kids don't need guardians of their own but yayas usually come with the kids, so they also learn with the kids
8) the kids get to feed the chickens, plant vegetables and water it, etc. which basically teaches them to pitch in with the chores while also learning about nature and science
9) the place will not boast of expensive Fisher Price toys (and I don't think electronic toys are welcome, there isn't a TV) because it aims for the kids to learn from interacting with each other; there are some toys there to be shared among them

It's a very cozy place, much like a home really. Its yard is not that big, just enough for a small holding area for the chicken, a duhat tree, and some plants. There's an area (tiled with potty and urinal at the side for potty training) where inflatable pools or batyas are set up for water play. When not busy with her speaking engagements and advocacies, Nanay Innes herself initiates all the singing and dancing. Songs I used to sing from my old Sunday School classes came flooding back. It's really back to our Filipino roots with Nanay there.

And there are a lot of veggies I don't eat but Nanay Innes got me to love the puso ng saging bistek style that she served. They also only serve brown rice.

the play, activity area

the projects are displayed all over the creche

the place is also filled with paintings
made by Nanay Innes' hubby

the hammocks where the kids can sleep

This is perfect for those living in Marikina who want to be rest assured their kids are in good company and eating well while the parents are away. This is also an ideal place to have the child and yaya hang out, so parents can relax and not fear their child is being abused or neglected during the day.

I really highly recommend this Day Care. Nanay Innes is also all for "franchising" the day care, for those who want to put up their own under the same guiding principles and working vision. I don't think it's for income generation though, because Nanay Innes really charges cheap (but you better ask what their monthly rate now is).

Innes fernandez
#2 Starlight cor. Vista St., SSS Village, Marikina City
Email: arugaan@mozcom. com Tel: +632-4905452


Post script:
I was told that both child and yaya are entitled to four meals each day for the monthly rate. Most of the toys are pre-loved items by Nanay Innes' grandchild and though there are also fancy toys there, Nanay prefers reused and recycled items plus such ones that she can use along with the songs she teaches the kids. (She has these miniature animals she pulls out of a bag when singing a Tagalog animal song, she arranges plastic chairs when singing something about riding a jeepand someone does 'collect' the fare and such).

More enrollees at the creche would mean more kids having fun and learning from each other. More yayas will have fun too (they even like putting their names in their art projects, just like kids).


jeng said...

Wow, this is really nice.

Unknown said...

I wish i discovered such a beautiful haven like this for my babies just before my first born turned 2 years and 4 months now..and my 2nd born 8 months..but i guess, it's never too late, i will surely meet nanay ines really soon and bring my child children to grow and learn there. thank you for the vision and mission nanay ines!

Unknown said...

Does the Nanay Innes accept only for a day enrollee? thanks - Mommy Aika

Mec said...

Nope Jessica.

Arugaan was transferred to PIA for a years again but it is now back to their home again. Just contact 0908-8888153 for your other Qs

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