Thursday, June 04, 2009

Arranging Furnitures

With kids running around one's home, it is important to have as much space as possible. And to protect what needs to be protected, kids first, and possessions after.

Keep the bigger furnitures (like sofa sets and big drawers) close to the wall. Make sure that tv stands are also close to a wall so that kids wouldn't be running circles around them. Keep precious ceramic decor and fine china in display cabinets that are heavy and sturdy so that they won't be easily knocked down. Dividers and screens and walls sometimes limit space so maybe you can use furniture (like a futon or chest of drawers) as dividers instead. Decorative screens can beautify walls instead, when placed behind a sofa or low-level chairs. Remember, anything that can get knocked down WILL be knocked down by a child. And the priority really is to make sure they don't hurt themselves.

You may also rethink rugs and carpets, or use ones that are really plush and heavy so they won't easily cause slipping and stumbling accidents.

Childproofing one's home is easy and doable, so long as one is willing to make changes and adjust comfort levels.

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