Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Marinduque Hotsprings Resort - Review

Marinduque Hotsprings Resort is a great place to go to in Marinduque.

For one, everything about it is charming. Additions are being erected to provide more dressing rooms and cottages to clients. You can bring in your own food but they also have a restaurant with affordable fare. We only tried their pancit (P80) that was good for 4-5 people at least. The staff were very friendly and involved, very courteous and helpful.

The resort charges P50 for every guest, and P70 for night rates (which begins at 5:00 PM). It's open till 12 midnight.

The main pools (five of them) are filled with the hotsprings water through a fountain of rocks. We chose to frolic in one where the kiddie pool is only about 2.5 feet high (so my 1.5 year old child can stand by himself in it) while the adjoining pool is about 3.5-4 feet high. This is the one beyond the bamboo bridge and it felt private since we're the only ones using it at the time.

It was too late, however, when we found out that the water there hasn't been changed for three days and that the main pool near the restaurant was the one with fresh hotspring water. So when you go there and you're particular, ask them when the water was changed last. Still, since it's all natural/mineral hotspring water, I don't think people need be worried that much about germs and diseases. None of us got colds or anything. Plus, the freshly-filled pool was so hot (but only about a third of Maquinit Springs hot) that we couldn't dip our head in the water because we run out of oxygen. The kids, of course, couldn't handle the heat at all.

One of the pools can be rented for P1,000 for the whole day, with two small cottages for eating.


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