Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happier Grocery Shopping

We all sometimes dread shopping for groceries, mainly because of the long lines and the products we picked up not having those tags which a barcode scanner can read. So make sure you avoid these hassles next time by doing some of the following:

1) Obviously, make sure the things you put in your cart are properly labeled and tagged. People often make the mistake of putting produce in their baskets only to realize too late that they should have taken it to be weighed and bagged, and then tagged.

2) Avoid shopping after office hours, on lunch hours, on weekends and paydays. Arrange your shopping schedule so that you do it before or after paydays without your pantry going empty.

3) Check the prices of the goods. Use the scanners provided inside the grocery so that you know how much they are really. Sometimes, there may be two different prices on the shelves.

4) Note special lines. If you only have a basket of goodies, don't go to the cart lines. If you have more than 12 items in your basket, don't go to the express lanes. Save yourself the trouble of being asked to go to the proper counter after having stood in line for several minutes. And save yourself from making enemies of other shoppers.

5) Choose groceries where parking or being fetched is convenient. Being allowed to bring the carts to the parking area is a plus since it saves on tips for the grocery clerks.

6) Some goods are put on sale an hour or two before the day ends, or a week or two before a month ends. If you need it, go for the items on sale and save money.

7) Check out the aisle with all the promos. If you need any of those things, go ahead and buy. Don't buy too much of anything because hoarding seldom really pays off, specially for goods that expire.

8) Note the banners and promo ads in the grocery. If you can afford it, a purchase of one of the sponsors could get you extra raffle tickets or freebies.

Good luck on your next grocery shopping spree!

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