Monday, May 04, 2009

Expo Mom at Rockwell

Mother's Day weekend (May 09-10, 2009) sees Rockwell Tent playing host to a Discovery Expo for Moms and their families. Truly a perfect something-to-do on Mother's Day.


10:00 am- EXPO MOM OPENS
1:00 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Cerelac Gold
1:30 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Glaxo Smithkline
2:00 pm- Kindermusik for Toddlers & Kids by Teacher Jeannie Castillo
2:30 pm- Baby Sign Language by Jaymie Pizarro
3:00 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Baby Ready with J&J
3:30 pm- Attachment Parenting & Baby Wearing by Jen Tan
4:00 pm- Yoga Kids by Michelle Aventajado
4:30 pm- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-Arts school
5:30 pm- Onstage Games
6:00 pm- Mom Massage Demo by Vier Tahonera
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm CLOSING


10:00 am- EXPO MOM DAY 2 OPENS
10:30 am- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-arts School
11:30 am Onstage Games
12:30 pm Gymboree Portion
1:30 pm Healthy Meals by Dona Elena Olive Oil
2:00 pm Belly Dancing for Expectant Moms by Dr. Faye Cagayan
Onstage Games
2:30 pm Your Baby Can Read! Talk
3:00 pm Happy Belly Health & Fitness by Rome Kanapi
3:30 pm A Mom’s Life Talk Show (tentative)
4:30 pm Mommy Fashion by Contour Fashion
5:00 pm Expo Mom Get Together Live Acoustic music by Paolo Santos
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm Closing

*Schedules may change without notice.

Meanwhile, mommies might want to join their contest to win gift packs from their sponsors.

1 comment:

Toni said...

Will you be there? :)

And would you know if anything else is going on aside from the talks? Like booths on the side, shopping stuff? :D I won't be attending the talks but I'm curious about the booths!

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