Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breastfeeding in Public

Have no fear, nursing moms, you need not be so exposed if you're breastfeeding in public.

First of all, the baby will cover your breast anyway. Secondly, most people don't stare at a nursing mom. But here are other tricks that will help:

The big malls now have them. And Baby Magazine usually review these (as well as other things like diaper changing stations). Just ask the guards in the mall where the breastfeeding clinic is located. Of course, not all breastfeeding stations are created equal but still, you are allowed somewhere quiet to open your breastaurants!

These are funky, fashionable covers that you hang on your neck that will cover you as you breastfeed or pump. They're usually made from breathable fabric so you need not worry that it will annoy your nursing babe. This way, you can also just as easily use your old tops and bras (if they still fit) and just lift, for these covers will also cover tummies.

Nursing wear is not limited to brassieres anymore. Many Mompreneurs have addressed the need for everyday nursing wear to gowns one can wear to a wedding. This way, you need not imprison yourself at home because all your clothes aren't conducive to breastfeeding.

One true advantage of slings and wraps over carriers is that they can double as breastfeeding covers. You can even wear your baby in a sling while breastfeeding him, and you'd still be free to do your shopping. I did that in a grocery. Someone I know gave a lecture while doing so.

Of course, sarongs and malongs and even shawls can be used as breastfeeding covers. Even the good, old-fashioned cloth diaper (lampin) can do the trick. However, since it seems nursing moms are equally concerned about exposing their lumpy, big, stretch marked bellies, there are also transition tubes and belly bands one can use with your everyday clothes.

For the nursing accessories, consider these links:
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And if you're based in Singapore or Canada, check this list out.

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