Friday, May 29, 2009

Banana Weight Loss Diet

Some believe that they need to undergo colon cleansing before they can start losing weight. I don't know about that but I did get a tip from a well-loved vegetarian about losing weight.

Basically, it's a cleansing diet that will rid your body of toxins as well as facilitate weight loss.

For five days, you eat nothing but bananas (different kinds of bananas, and you can opt for boiled saba as well). And you drink nothing but buko juice (the malauhog kind, one that comes from young buko).

For the first day, you eat five bananas per meal. So yes, that's fifteen bananas in all.

For the second day, you eat four bananas per meal. For the third day, three bananas per meal. For the fourth day, two bananas per meal and the last, only one banana per meal. And you drink nothing but buko juice (which is full of electrolytes). This guarantees that you won't go hungry (though of course, the thought of eating only bananas might be a turn off) and weak and you can still go about all your activities.

Try it. Cleanse your body and lose some pounds!

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