Saturday, May 30, 2009


Nailaholics is a Nail Salon and Spa that offers affordable indulgence. It is opening its latest branch at Robinsons Metro East this coming June 12, 2009 and at SM Mega Mall on July 01, 2009. It offers manicures, pedicures, nail extension, nail art, hand and foot spa, paraffin treatments, waxing, threading, eyelash extension and eyelash perm.

Other branches are at Cash & Carry Mall and SM Sta. Rosa.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Banana Weight Loss Diet

Some believe that they need to undergo colon cleansing before they can start losing weight. I don't know about that but I did get a tip from a well-loved vegetarian about losing weight.

Basically, it's a cleansing diet that will rid your body of toxins as well as facilitate weight loss.

For five days, you eat nothing but bananas (different kinds of bananas, and you can opt for boiled saba as well). And you drink nothing but buko juice (the malauhog kind, one that comes from young buko).

For the first day, you eat five bananas per meal. So yes, that's fifteen bananas in all.

For the second day, you eat four bananas per meal. For the third day, three bananas per meal. For the fourth day, two bananas per meal and the last, only one banana per meal. And you drink nothing but buko juice (which is full of electrolytes). This guarantees that you won't go hungry (though of course, the thought of eating only bananas might be a turn off) and weak and you can still go about all your activities.

Try it. Cleanse your body and lose some pounds!

Tramway Garden Buffet - Review

Tramway Garden Buffet offers lunch and dinner buffet for P199 (Mon-Sat) and P399 (Sundays). Buffet lunch is served from 11 AM - 2 PM and if you prefer good air conditioning, you might want to go there early so you can be seated in the first floor. Aside from parking issues (because their buffet is popular), it also takes awhile before the staff can setup upstairs, plus ventilation can be an issue there. It's also not as well lit as the downstairs buffet.

Drinks start at P38.

Again, the sweet and sour pork is really great. The staff is pretty accommodating but they seemed to be limiting spoon-fork pairs. But at least they didn't shoo us away when we were already overstaying. You also have to get your own water and ice.

the arch and fountain upstairs

an anteroom serves as reception room for other parties

the fish I heard which wasn't so good

one of the best sweet and sour pork ever

typical Chinese fare

fruits in season

my plate

The comfort room isn't so nice but it was clean, it's just past the stage to the right.

All in all, at P199, the food still can't be beat so this is still really highly recommended.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going to Marinduque Via RoRo

If you're taking your car, you have to be at Dalahican Port in Lucena 2-4 hours before the RoRo ship departure (depending on the time and season). Those in buses need not worry about this because the buses have sure slots in these vessels already. Vehicles taking the RoRo fall in line and shipping people will approach each vehicle for the fees: P2,000 for the usual cars (with two free riders), P200+ for each passenger, P25/person terminal fee and I think another P25/person for insurance).

Montenegro Shipping Lines leave Dalahican Port at 12 Noon and 12 midnight every day. It takes around three hours to get to the port in Mogpog, Marinduque. The passenger area in the ship is not air conditioned and there are no special seatings for anyone.

Dalahican port

vehicle in line (note the ropes)

contact Monenegro

arranging the cars can be quite tricky

passenger area

the port in Mogpog

Feel free to bring your packed lunch if you'd require something substantial because the store in the ship mainly sells bottled water, softdrinks, Gatorade, biscuits and chips. However, someone asks for food orders as passengers are settling down for the 3-hour journey and the "jolly chicken" is a crowd favorite (it's rice and fried chicken). Plus, there are carinderias just outside the port in Mogpog that offer good, cheap fare.

Of course, those willing to pay a higher price can take the 45-minute fastcraft ride instead.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squid in Marinduque

One wonderful thing for squid lovers if they ever go to Marinduque is that calamari here is abundant. And they're big and fresh. Sometimes, just one squid can weigh 7 kilos on its own.

The catch though is that you may have to pre-order some if you're cooking them yourself because these are usually exported out of Marinduque to the big markets, restaurants and hotels in Manila. When we bought some this May 2009, they cost P120/kilo (but we managed to haggle down to P110/kilo). So cheap really considering they average P250 kilo in Manila.

The ones we bought (3 huge ones that have a combined weight of 5 kilos) had bodies that were thick that we had to further divide them so the slices will be just perfect for barbecues. We just marinated them in butter, sugar and pepper.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pentax Optio W60

I am not a techie person. I am also not a photographer eventhough I love taking pictures. So this review will be based on a consumer's point of view.

Let's start with what I liked about it:
1) It's a very handy and compact camera.

2) It's voice recording quality is great. And the video quality is also good.

3) It's battery life is ok. I guess you can buy an extra one if you'd be using it for several days w/o charging.

4) It has many new modes (aside from the usual automatic, program, night scenes, portrait, landscape, etc. it also has beach, flowers, moving kids, pets, moving subjects, fireworks, food and has different modes for underwater pictures, underwater videos and taking black and white pictures).

5) You can even already choose a border and shoot a picture using that as frame. Or you can choose a picture and add a border to it and save it as another file right on the cam. Just like what you do with a cellphone.

6) It has a face and smile detector and can be set to take pictures automatically once it detects a smile.

7) It also tells you that "a closed eye has been detected" after you take a picture (although it detects chinky eyes as closed eyes as well, hehe)

What's not to like?

1) The pictures on automatic or P mode, or the usual modes are either so-so or grainy at best. It takes better pictures without a flash and with natural light.

2) The display screen fogs for a while when you use it in water. It clears up after a while and doesn't affect your pictures but it can get you feeling anxious if water has seeped in.

3) The video doesn't have a zoom, but if you zoom it in picture mode first and then switch to video, it records in zoom just fine.

4) It can only be submerged up to 4 meters (unlike the Canon D10 which you can use down to 10 meters). Then again, it's not like we'd ever really get past 4 meters since none of us dives.

5) Sometimes, when using underwater or when the cam is wet, water drops distort images by reflecting light.

My official opinion. It's a great handy cam for when you really just want to document what's happening and the waterproof feature will be a plus. And for its current SRP of P20,000, it's also very reasonably-priced. If there are buyers of first-time digicams, i'd highly recommend this one if they're not after really crisp photos. I prefer its sport and night modes which seem to take better pictures.

For sample photos we've taken with the cam we've named Gabrielle:

against the light, no flash, auto mode, ISO 160

night mode

night mode

night mode

underwater shot, in a pool

underwater shots mode, full sun

close-up underwater shot

snorkel shot, about 5 feet

macro mode, sunlight

underwater shot, ocean, about 2-3 feet away

For technical reviews, better check out Steve's or Trusted Reviews'

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pressure Washers

Many use pressure washers for washing their cars, especially the underside of it. But there's also other ways to use it to clean your surroundings.

Take for example, your garage. You can get rid of all the muck and grime and grease very easily by using your pressure washer. It's also great for playground equipment that you have to clean once in a while, especially those puzzle foam mats. Maybe you can even use it to clean roofs and gutters and you can use it on your walls as well. They're also handy to use on sidealks and clearing away sand on beach homes.

Kagang - Marinduque Crab

They call this crab/dish KAGANG (which I think was derived from the local dialect kagang-kagang for palm grass which seems to be the one used in the dish). Basically some of the crabs are opened and flaked, the meat mixed with coconut meat and spices, and stuffed back into the crab shells. Some of the mixture is also mixed with sticky rice (I think) and wrapped in the palm grass, which is then tied to a crab. All this is cooked in a big pot of coconut cream.

This is a delicacy in Marinduque that travellers should make sure to sample. Just ask the locals where you can order some.

Also refer to an older post on Marinduque Crabs

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Moringana is the cheapest yet available moringga capsules. It's SRP is only P5.50 for every 300 mg capsule. It can be taken with other medications as its a vegetable product we can generally consume.

More and more news and stories are coming out on how moringa helps cleanse and detoxify the body, how it's the hope for Africans, how it helps people with HIV/AIDS, how it helps boost milk supply in nursing moms, and how it helps with weight loss and supressing appetites. Basically, it is the perfect multivitamin! Its leaves has even more Vitamin C than carrots and it's also a good source of potassium, protein and beta-carotene.

It is probably the reason why tinola is popularly fed to the sick... it's not the chicken broth per se but the malunggay goodness in the broth that helps ill people recover faster.

See also:
Benefits of the Moringa leaf
Incredible Moringa Leaves

Malbog Sulfur Spring

Malbog Sulfur Spring is located in the same area as the Marinduque Hotsprings Resort. It preceeds the latter at Brgy. Malbog, Buenavista and offers a rustic ambience. There is a slight sulphuric smell (think roten eggs) in the area/water as the spring is heated by the volcano Malindig. However, this spring offers therapeutic and healing properties so its perfect for yuppies with stressful jobs (I can think of people installing Linksys router and Avaya products) or those that require standing or sitting a lot (call center agents? nurses?).

Entrance rate for adults is P25 and P10 for kids.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anvil Wants a Marketing Coordinator

Anvil Publishing Inc. is currently looking for a Marketing Coordinator to handle events and promotion of new and backlist books.

Requirements include:

~ at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Mass Communication, Management or Literature or any equivalent course.
~ At least 1 - 2 years of working experience in a related field
~ Preferably at least 1/2 years experience specializing in Marketing or equivalent job role as Marketing Officer
~ Excellent command of written and spoken English
~ Required Skills: Microsoft programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
~ Preferred Skills: Photoshop, Pagemaker, Dreamweaver
~ Able to work on weekends and holidays as required.
~ Full-Time positions available.

Other expected duties and responsibilities can be found here.

Bert Lozada Swim School - Baby and Me Class

Gone are the days when a baby gets thrown into a pool to appeal to its survival instincts and swim on its own, thank God! Bert Lozada Swim School's Baby and Me Class is very systematic and empowering, progressive and relies a lot on the trust between child and caregiver.

Confidence in the water is facilitated through songs and games, mini contests of shooting balls in baskets or going after toys by kicking or paddling in the water. I found that it's important that there is only one designated caregiver with the child for all classes since whoever that is also learns the activities and the why of it. Plus, the child's trust in that person gets translated to his trust of the unknown, which is the water. A baby is more likely to forgive his caregiver for dunking him in the water today if that caregiver had been there from the start, making him feel how bubbles feel like in the palm of his hands.

We had our lessons at the Philippine Columbian. For P3,000 (3x per week sessions), you get ten thirty-minute sessions, a BLSS card, Ace Water Spa gift certificate and a BLSS shirt.

Our instructor, Teacher Berna was authoritative but great with the kids. She knew when to push a child and when not to. She was also very generous with praise. Still, she was really just a facilitator and the BLSS Baby and Me class is really about baby and me (whoever me is) enjoying the water in preparation for future swimming lessons.


My son manages seven-second underwater dunks, a lot of kicking, jumping into water and paddling by the time the classes ended. And he enjoys pools and beaches all the more now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Birthday Themes

Mothers nowadays are getting stressed over choosing a birthday theme. Others who aren't so into party planning would probably wonder what the fuss is about. They don't know that the first birthday decorations, the invitations and other stationery, the cake and whatever else will be given as game prizes and souvenir CAN depend greatly on the theme.

I say CAN because it's really up to the hosts how far they want to take a theme.

Take for example my son's first birthday party, which was Harry Potter inspired. I edited Harry Potter film posters and turned them into Invites. I embraced Halloween to make the theme more expansive and invited kiddie guests to come in costume. I had lots of candy to give away and a dessert bar (Hogsmeade was in mind). I had a basic magic act but chose a bubble show for the main event. I had badges made and a Gryffindor cloak made for my son. And we all had witches hats. And yes, I made Daily Prophet newspapers and made up stories about my son.

I only got balloons in Gryffindor colors to decorate our venue. Some would have tarps and floats and streamers and standees too. But if you really don't want to stress over so many elements, keep the theme simple. Go for generic things like animals/jungle and fairies/princess themes. Or go for the really popular ones like Disney and Looney Tunes.

And likewhat I said, make Divisoria your friend.

Happier Grocery Shopping

We all sometimes dread shopping for groceries, mainly because of the long lines and the products we picked up not having those tags which a barcode scanner can read. So make sure you avoid these hassles next time by doing some of the following:

1) Obviously, make sure the things you put in your cart are properly labeled and tagged. People often make the mistake of putting produce in their baskets only to realize too late that they should have taken it to be weighed and bagged, and then tagged.

2) Avoid shopping after office hours, on lunch hours, on weekends and paydays. Arrange your shopping schedule so that you do it before or after paydays without your pantry going empty.

3) Check the prices of the goods. Use the scanners provided inside the grocery so that you know how much they are really. Sometimes, there may be two different prices on the shelves.

4) Note special lines. If you only have a basket of goodies, don't go to the cart lines. If you have more than 12 items in your basket, don't go to the express lanes. Save yourself the trouble of being asked to go to the proper counter after having stood in line for several minutes. And save yourself from making enemies of other shoppers.

5) Choose groceries where parking or being fetched is convenient. Being allowed to bring the carts to the parking area is a plus since it saves on tips for the grocery clerks.

6) Some goods are put on sale an hour or two before the day ends, or a week or two before a month ends. If you need it, go for the items on sale and save money.

7) Check out the aisle with all the promos. If you need any of those things, go ahead and buy. Don't buy too much of anything because hoarding seldom really pays off, specially for goods that expire.

8) Note the banners and promo ads in the grocery. If you can afford it, a purchase of one of the sponsors could get you extra raffle tickets or freebies.

Good luck on your next grocery shopping spree!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Go Wiki

If you're still making some last-minute travel plans, make sure to complement all your research done with a cyber trip to It's a veritable mine of information from experts (both professionals and locals) and you're guaranteed to at least have a better idea of what a certain place can offer. I use it when doing research, from places to visit to unheard of illnesses like mesothelioma and it is really very helpful.

Comparing it with other data you have is always important though. And with regards places, official websites of course trumps information found in Wiki (maybe you can ask the webmaster to share their information at Wiki so Wiki can be more helpful).

Don't let the rains ruin your travel plans. You may have to adjust the places you go to, but you can still travel and enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breastfeeding in Public

Have no fear, nursing moms, you need not be so exposed if you're breastfeeding in public.

First of all, the baby will cover your breast anyway. Secondly, most people don't stare at a nursing mom. But here are other tricks that will help:

The big malls now have them. And Baby Magazine usually review these (as well as other things like diaper changing stations). Just ask the guards in the mall where the breastfeeding clinic is located. Of course, not all breastfeeding stations are created equal but still, you are allowed somewhere quiet to open your breastaurants!

These are funky, fashionable covers that you hang on your neck that will cover you as you breastfeed or pump. They're usually made from breathable fabric so you need not worry that it will annoy your nursing babe. This way, you can also just as easily use your old tops and bras (if they still fit) and just lift, for these covers will also cover tummies.

Nursing wear is not limited to brassieres anymore. Many Mompreneurs have addressed the need for everyday nursing wear to gowns one can wear to a wedding. This way, you need not imprison yourself at home because all your clothes aren't conducive to breastfeeding.

One true advantage of slings and wraps over carriers is that they can double as breastfeeding covers. You can even wear your baby in a sling while breastfeeding him, and you'd still be free to do your shopping. I did that in a grocery. Someone I know gave a lecture while doing so.

Of course, sarongs and malongs and even shawls can be used as breastfeeding covers. Even the good, old-fashioned cloth diaper (lampin) can do the trick. However, since it seems nursing moms are equally concerned about exposing their lumpy, big, stretch marked bellies, there are also transition tubes and belly bands one can use with your everyday clothes.

For the nursing accessories, consider these links:
Plume Shop
Next 9 / R'Jellybean Slings
After Nine
Mama Way
Proud Mama Store
Indigo Baby
Hip Moms and Babies
Mommy Matters
The Mommy Project

And if you're based in Singapore or Canada, check this list out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Human Heart Nature

I discovered Human Heart Nature products at the Expo Mom. Of all the booths selling organic and natural body care products, I only bought from them.

I loved the smell of their Cocoa Body Butter (with Goat's Milk and Mango). It smells like mango and is very spreadable but non-greasy. You won't smell ripe after though, just really delicious.

I also bought Kids Nature Shampoo and Body Wash (aloe vera and banana). It's a no-tears shampoo made of the mildest ingredients. It sort of smells like jackfruit when you lather it on, but in a good way!

Human Heart Nature charges P50 for delivery in Metro Manila and you can expect to receive your orders in 1-2 days. It also boasts of 100% natural and Philippine products so I think it would be fantastic that more people patronize their products. Perfect as giveaways or gift ideas.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Where To Stay in Marinduque

from the brochure given away by the local government


~ The Boac Hotel
Brgy. San Miguel
Tel No. (042) 332-1121 OR 332-2065
19 rooms, P350-1,600

~ Tahanan sa Isok (Isok Inn)
Brgy. Isok
Tel No. (042) 332-1231
12 rooms, P800-1,200

~ Villa sa Aplaya
Brgy. Ihatub
Tel No. (042) 332-1882
11 rooms, P1,200-2,000

~ 3E's Love Bay Resort
Brgy. Amoingon
Tel No. (042) 332-1440 or 332-1296
11 rooms, P600-1,500

~ Blue Sea Beach Resort
Brgy. Amoingon
Tel No. (042) 332-1334
14 rooms, P360-550

~ Seaview Hotel
Brgy. Cawit
Tel No. (042) 332-2840
10 rooms, P700-1,400

~ Cely's Kitchenette and Lodging House
Brgy. San Miguel, POblacion
Tel No. (042) 332-1519
5 ventilated rooms

~ Abby's Place Hotel
Brgy. Malusak, Poblacion
Tel No. (042) 332-2643, 8 rooms

~ A & A Beach Resort
Brgy. Laylay
Tel No. (042) 332-2817 - 12 rooms

~ El Emmanuel Beach Resort
Brgy. Balaring
Tel No. (042) 332-1305 - 5 rooms

~ Eastpoint Hotel by the Sea
Brgy. Balaring
Tel No. (042) 332-2229 - 12 rooms

~ Lucky Seven Pension House
Brgy. Mercado
Tel No. (042) 332-2227 - 12 rooms

~ Chateau de Mer
Brgy. Amoingon
Tel No. (042) 332-1338

~ R Hideaway by the Sea (homestay)
Brgy. Cawit
CP 0906-6938451, 3 rooms

~ Katala Beach Resort and Restaurant
Brgy. Bacong-Bacong
Tel No. (042) 334-1079
18 rooms, P750-1,600

~ Club Marinduque
Brgy. Dawis
Tel No. (042) 333-7116, CP 0920-8522667
6 rooms, P900-1,500

~ Southwest Bay Resort
CP 0918-4423237

~ Arjay & Abbygail Lodging House
Tel No. (042) 342-1024, 4 rooms

~ Rico's Inn

Brgy. Pag-asa, Poblacion
Tel No. (042) 321-1085
rooms, P200/pax

~ J. Red's Hotel
Brgy. Pag-asa, Poblacion
Tel No. (042) 321-1260
12 aircon rooms, P800-1,000

~ Sikatuna Resort Hotel
Brgy. Tawiran
Tel No. (042) 321-1465
11 aircon rooms, P600-750

~ Oromismo 898 Hotel and Restaurant
Gomez St., Brgy. Maharlika
Tel No. (042) 321-1283, 321-1790
7 aircon rooms

~ MixT Apartelle and Restobar

Rizal St., Poblacion
CP 0919-3668090, 0920-8623038, 5 rooms

~ Rendezvous Beach Resort
Brgy. Poctoy
CP 0919-5150560, 4 rooms

~ Marilou & Hanspeter Homestay
Brgy. Poctoy
CP 0921-7516930, 4 rooms

~ Dud's Place Beach Resort
Brgy. Poctoy
CP 0920-7106603, 3 rooms

~ Hilltop Hotel

Hightown, Poblacion
Tel No. (042) 332-3074

~ Marinduque Hotspring Resort

Brgy. Malbog
CP 0910-8484947

~ Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa
(on what was formerly known as Elephant Island)
Tel No. Tel. No.: 632.328.8831; Fax No.: 632.892.4102.
ten private villas, thirty hotel rooms

Also check listing

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Learn to Storytell

Adarna House is offering a Storytelling and Beginning Reading Workshop for adults on May 16 and 23 at Seminar Room 3, Institute of Social Order in the Ateneo de Manila University campus.

This is perfect for parents who want to start their kids on the road to loving books and letting their imaginations soar.

Location map can be found at For more details, visit, or call 372-3548 local 122 or e-mail grace[at]

Breastfeeding Seminar at TMC

The Medical City, in partnership with LATCH, will again be holding a Breastfeeding Seminar on May 16. The flow of class is as follows:

9:00 - 9:15 Registration
9:15 - 9:20 Introduction/ House Rules
9:20 - 9:40 Breastfeeding Benefits via BF Treasures game
9:40- 10:00 What to Expect in the First Week
10:00- 10:15 AM Snack
10:15- 10:45 Positioning and Latching via Break-out Groups
10:45 - 11:15 Back to Work
11:15-11:45 Myth Busting Game
11:45- 12nn Q& A

This is FREE and no need to pre-register. Attendees are encouraged to come with their husband or support person however. Handouts and snacks will be provided and you need not give birth (or plan to) at TMC. Just proceed to 4th Floor, Conference Room 1 before 9:00 AM.

Call TMC for more details: 635-6789 or 631-86-26

Friday, May 08, 2009

NBS & Picture City Promo

A pleasant surprise to parents shopping for school supplies at the National Bookstore branch at Robinsons Lipa. For at least P200 worth of purchase, you get a coupon that entitles you to TWO SHOTS at Picture City (near the supermarket) which will be printed in glossy 4R.

What's more, Picture City will offer additional free shots ( so you can pose all you want) and printing of those extra shots at a discounted price of only P7 (regular printing of 4R pics cost P8.50).

The catch, of course, is you don't get any digital copy of the pictures, just the printed shots. Still, you can also have those scanned.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shoo-Fly Don't Bother Me

Indigo Manila is known for its baby products. I actually wanted to get a pouch from them but I figured I have to be practical as my sling can render the same service the pouch will. I also have yet to try their other products.

At the breastfeeding training I attended, I had the good luck to get a sample of their Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me Insect Repellant. It really smells great and so far, I would say it's effective. My sister-in-law, however, uses it as plain lotion because she really loves the smell.

Most insect repellants smell strongly of citronella, and though Shoo Fly has a hint of the same, it just really smells better. This is also absolutely considerate of baby's sensitive skin, since the Moms who invented the formula are concerned moms themselves.

So order now. Indigo Manila will actually have a booth at the upcoming Expo Mom.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nursing Bras for Sale

A breastfeeding advocate Mom brings nursing bras at a more affordbale price to your doorstep. Free delivery within Metro Manila for the month of May so make sure to order asap!

Check out Chronicles of a Nursing Mom for pictures and prices.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Work at Yehey has turned 12 years old. And it is currently looking for the following:

Assistant Branch Head
Qualifications: Not more than 32 years old
Graduate of any Business Course or equivalent
With at least 1 year supervisory experience
Has good Leadership skill
Please send your resume to

Accounting Assistant
Qualifications: 20 to 28 years old
Male or female
Accounting Graduate
With at least 2 years work experience in any area of Accounting
Strong background in accounting
Willing to work in Ortigas
Can work in minimal Supervision
Dynamic and can work under pressure
Please send your resume to

Qualifications: Female
Not more than 27 years old
College Graduate
Pleasing Personality
Dynamic, flexible and can work under pressure
For North Luzon, Central Luzon, South Luzon
Please send your resume to

HR Assistant
Qualifications: Not more than 27 years old
Graduate of Psychology, Behavioral Science or equivalent
With at least 1 year experience in Compensation and benefits
Knowledgeable in time keeping
Familiar with SSS/BIR/Philhealth mandated benefits
Please send your resume to

Operation Officer
Qualifications: Not more than 35 years old
Graduate of any Business Course
Familiar with Bank Products, Mutual funds
With at least 1 year experience Branch/treasury/Trust Operations or related field
Can work under pressure
Willing to work overtime if needed
Good Communication and writing skill
Highly analytic and flexible
Please send your resume to

Interested applicants may send their resumes at
Or visit us at Suite 2005 East Tower, Philippines Stocks Exchange Building
(Tektite) Exchange Road Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Look for Paul Olvina
Contact Number: 6348631 loc.41


Expo Mom at Rockwell

Mother's Day weekend (May 09-10, 2009) sees Rockwell Tent playing host to a Discovery Expo for Moms and their families. Truly a perfect something-to-do on Mother's Day.


10:00 am- EXPO MOM OPENS
1:00 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Cerelac Gold
1:30 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Glaxo Smithkline
2:00 pm- Kindermusik for Toddlers & Kids by Teacher Jeannie Castillo
2:30 pm- Baby Sign Language by Jaymie Pizarro
3:00 pm- Sponsor’s Talk: Baby Ready with J&J
3:30 pm- Attachment Parenting & Baby Wearing by Jen Tan
4:00 pm- Yoga Kids by Michelle Aventajado
4:30 pm- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-Arts school
5:30 pm- Onstage Games
6:00 pm- Mom Massage Demo by Vier Tahonera
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm CLOSING


10:00 am- EXPO MOM DAY 2 OPENS
10:30 am- Musical Number by My Masterpiece Multi-arts School
11:30 am Onstage Games
12:30 pm Gymboree Portion
1:30 pm Healthy Meals by Dona Elena Olive Oil
2:00 pm Belly Dancing for Expectant Moms by Dr. Faye Cagayan
Onstage Games
2:30 pm Your Baby Can Read! Talk
3:00 pm Happy Belly Health & Fitness by Rome Kanapi
3:30 pm A Mom’s Life Talk Show (tentative)
4:30 pm Mommy Fashion by Contour Fashion
5:00 pm Expo Mom Get Together Live Acoustic music by Paolo Santos
Raffle Draw
8:00 pm Closing

*Schedules may change without notice.

Meanwhile, mommies might want to join their contest to win gift packs from their sponsors.
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