Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Task Delegation and Division

One marriage preserver I know is delegating tasks.

If the hubs was tasked to compare auto insurance, I get put in charge of comparing educational insurance. He does the laundry (carting the dirty clothes to the laundry shop, that is), the garbage collection and disposal and the weekend play with our son. I do the cooking twice a week (because we have help), handle the daily care of our son and monitor the bills and expenses.

I also monitor the savings while he makes sure we have something to save.

Dividing tasks between us helps us do more and actually finish doing something (like work hubby brings home or work that I do part-time). Tasks also get finished faster which adds to quality time with each other. But the greatest benefit of all is that resentments are kept to a minimum. I have heard of far too many wives harping on the husband who doesn't pull his weight around the house, and husbands complaining that all their wives do is shop, and this takes away from the marriage. Before one knows it, a little thing sets one off and all the resentments come pouring out and whatever rift becomes all the harder to repair. Just like a volcano erupting.

So delegate and divide the tasks between you two, or among your household. Even toddlers can be expected to help pick up their own toys. Don't do it all or even attempt to because you are not supposed to.

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