Monday, April 13, 2009

Seaside Homes

Sure, none of us can really afford checking out properties as grand as Wilmington NC real estate but those of us who do happen to have beachside properties can chsnnel luxury without spending that much.

Some beach strips in the country already demand a certain level of status (like in Bataan, some areas demand owners that homes built should cost no less than P2 million) but those that do not (yet) should take advantage of that and build their dream beachside home while considering the following:

1) Great house design. Think about maximizing sea breeze and view. Think of preserving as much trees (and building in their shade). Think of deep well water sources if it's available. Think of expansive verandas which can double as entertaining, sleeping and eating zones.

2) Local knowledge, products and skills. Use local timber that is good and strong (yakal, molave) for the house, Use some of the wood from the trees that you must chop down for the treehouse. Use decor that you can buy locally (paintings? pottery? dug up relics?) to give your home character.

3) Keep everything simple, even the luxuries. Hammocks are more popular in beachside properties than fancy patio furniture.

Plus, the home shouldn't be big. It should just allow a lot of opportunities for relaxing and bonding. Again, think hammocks and cabanas.

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