Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manila Ocean Park Photo Exhibit

got this in my e-mail


Entrance Lobby (Concourse Plaza)
April 20 to May 31,2009

Any Camera club or Individual Photographer who want to join this event may contact FPPF office and look for Sir Lito Beltran tel no. 5247576 or George Yu and Tristan Yap at 09178077761.

Date of Exhibition:
April 20th to 26th FPPF
April 27th to 3rd May Still Open
May 4th to 10th Still Open
May 11th to 17th John Taca Photographer Exhibit
May 18th to 24th Oly Ruiz/ Modern Photographers Camera Club
25th to 31st May FPPF

Rental of one panel boards P 1,000 per panel / week
Number of panel: initially 10 panels


I'm betting this would be great for those who are just starting their own photo studios and photography teams as a marketing strategy to get more clients. It can also be something camera clubs can make a contest of (choice picks will be the ones displayed, but everyone will chip in to give the best in the club their chance in the limelight).

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