Friday, April 03, 2009

Having Digital Pictures Professionally Printed

There are some of us who'd still rather have digital pictures printed professionally. I especially like the 4R matte paper that Photoline uses.

What I usually do is edit and resize the picure files already for easier discussion with photo center attendants. I usually save in whichever flash memory I grab first. Unfortunately, going to professional developing centers also usually mean that my memory card or thumb drive will get a virus. No matter how much the printers try to scan each memory card, yu'd still really end up with a virus.

Not only do you risk your computer at home (or work) with contamination but your memory card might also get corrupted. And the bigger memory, the more you lose. I've learned my lesson the hard way.

Now I make sure to save on the smallest memory SD I have instead of my gigabyte-thumb drives. I don't really have a lot printed anyway. They're faster to scan for viruses and reformat as well. Plus, they're easily more expendable than thumb drives.


Link taken down!


Mai said...

sis ako i have our monthly photos printed at artscow for $0.06/print lang. (100 pcs are for free monthly) then shipping lang bayaran ko. Lumalabas na a lot cheaper than have them printed at kodak, digiprint, etc. If you recall Asher's guest sheets nung party, sa artscow ko siya pinaprint. I find the quality nicer than that of digiprint. :) So derecho upload na ako sa site nila and just wait for its delivery :)

ms said...

I need contact information. We would like to request that the link in this post be taken down.

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