Sunday, April 05, 2009

Books as Gifts

Always, we're beset with questions for gift suggestions for a baptism or birthday or wedding. Always, we want something to give something that's really thoughtful and useful and a little unique.

When I get asked for suggestions, all I ever say is to give books. First of all, I don't think kids (or people in general) are doing much reading. And we all certainly have to do more of it. I say Christian books written just for kids will be a hit with parents, and kids will then have one more reason to learn good manners and true values.

Helpful books that teach skills will also be useful for both parents and kids. A book on creative activities to while the hours away at home will also be a great book.

What of honeymooners? Communication books or travel guides are sure to be much appreciated. And with books, you need not worry that they'll be receiving lots of it. Just steer clear of the really popular bestsellers (like A Purpose Driven Life).

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ms said...

Is there a way to contact MEC? I need to request that a link be taken down.

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