Saturday, April 11, 2009

Advertise at Wanlu's Site

Attention all party planners and kiddie party suppliers.

Wanlu, the famous magician of birthday parties, is welcoming advertisers to his site since his site has been getting lots of hits (for sure, from anxious parents checking out what he can bring to a birthday party... and maybe some justification for his rates, hehe).

Ad rate is Php1,000 (One thousand pesos) for 6 months
This will include posting of you logo at my site with a link going to your website or blog or your email address.

Check out his site to see how it can expand your own business!!!


WANLU said...

Thanks for posting this :)

The current shops in my site have earned back their investment many times over.

You can ask them about it. :)

Thanks again...and Godspeed.


WANLU said...

Thanks again :)

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