Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ilog Maria

Ilog Maria is popular for its honey-based products.

Right now, it's out of honey. But I believe they are harvesting soon. Still, if it's honey you want, you may have to call them first and wait a few weeks before you can buy some. But their honey is really pure and there's a hint of something citrus in it.

Other fave products they have that I recommend are the massage oil (love the scent!), the soaps (they lather nice and are matipid and they absolutely smell divine!) and the throat spray (I swear, the minute your throat gets sore, just spray twice on your throat and you're better the next day). Of course, each member of the household may have to get their own throat spray though. And right now, i'm using the soaps I bought to perfume my dresser drawers.



where they set up their museum exhibit

the super charming CR

They've made available an entirely new exit road out of the bee farm. And I swear their soaps are such great, great things to give away. I drool over the spearmint and swoon over the lavender!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Sale In Major Malls Coming Up

For those who haven't noticed, there are a lot of huge sales coming up this weekend. Apart from being a long weekend and payday weekend, it's also the best time for malls really to get people shopping for school in June, and sell all those swimwear given that it's already raining.

So grab those Dansko shoes and other fab footwear (I am itching to buy more shoes for my son but I really shouldn't since he already has six pairs too many). Buy new tops. Purchase new books. Or get those organizing tools your home needs so you can create more space.

And when shopping for groceries, always be on the lookout for what's on sale and what has promos and raffles. Maximize your money and grab the real deals and steals!

Marinduque Camp Sites

from brochure given during the Moriones Festival


~ Kawilihan Park, Gasan POblacion (for inquiries, call Gasan Municipal Tourism Office, call #0920-4606442 Celo)

~ Marinduque Hot Spring Site, Brgy. Malbog
~ Legacy Park, Brgy. Caigangan

~ Poctoy White Sand Beach, Brgy. Poctoy
~ Torrijos Central School, Torrijos Poblacion

~ Mogpog Central School, Mogpog Poblacion

~ Bahaghari, Brgy. Amoingon (for inquiries, call 0909-6830654 Eli)

for the other sites with no contact numbers, call or drop by the local municipal government first.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Breastfeeding and Beyond: Getting into Shape after Pregnancy

received this in my e-mail


Attention all Pregnant Moms!!!

SM Baby Company in cooperation with PLAYTEX BABY invites you to a FREE symposium on May 2, 2009, 2pm at The Annex, Lower Ground Floor, SM City North Edsa.

THEME: Breastfeeding and Beyond: Getting into Shape after Pregnancy

Listen to a FREE LECTURE from L.A.T.C.H. about topics on breastfeeding, latch-on and positioning.
Get back into shape and learn RELAXATION TECHNIQUES from a yoga instructor.
Get NUTRITION TIPS from a Nutritionist and Dietician.
Plus, receive a FREE GIFT PACK for all pregnant attendees!

So come and join us on this very entertaining and informative event at The Annex, SM City North Edsal on May 2!

For pre-registration, call 535-4197 or text 0923-5965966 / 09234351070 and look for LALA or RISA.

Nurseryworks, Inc.
#26 R. Vicencio St.
Mandaluyong City 1550
Telefax No. (632) 535-4197
Mobile No. (63) 927-2415489/ 0923-5965966

Yu Ming School

Yu Ming School has cooked up two wonderful activities this May.

May 09, Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding is going to be held for infanticipating and breastfeeding Moms. Lecture fee is P250 to cover handouts (refreshments and freebies are also to be given away). Only 20 slots available (but Dads are welcome to join the Mommies). 9:30-11:30 AM.

May 14-15, Open House at the school will give parents who are looking for schools for their kids an idea of what Yu Ming School offers. 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Contact Teacher Meg for reservations and more info: 0917-5510626 / 717-0499

Yu Ming School is located in #15 Ideal St. cor. Lee St., Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gotti's Torante

Tucked in the corner of that new wing in SM Mega Mall, where Superbowl and Tia Maria's are located, is a restaurant called Gotti's. They said their original branch was in SM Bicutan and they might be opening another in Antipolo or Cubao (I forget).

Anyway, I only had my camera phone again and the pictures I took didn't and cannot do their food justice. The food was simply superb!!!

We ordered the Mussels Marinara (?), Smoked Chicken and Pesto Pasta (not sure of the names, but this was one of their bestsellers, regular), Dirty Fingers (chicken fingers) and a bottomless iced tea and paid P541 for that.

The marinara sauce was simply, truly divine. And I am not exactly into tomato sauces and dips. But I just really, really loved it and we had to ask for more bread so we can scoop it up.

And the pasta was also very wonderful. I also used bread to absorb all the olive oil and pesto in the pasta. Much better than the pesto pasta Conti's and Italianni's offers (for me at least). And their regular-sized pasta platter is good for two already (or three, if you're sharing the otehr dishes). The Dirty Fingers was good, but not exceptional. But really, I sincerely had a better time eating there than eating at Zamboanga Restaurant. And we spent only a quarter of what we spent there!

The service and friendliness of the staff was also note-worthy. The ambience, however, is not as fine dining (more like Pancake House) as Italianni's.

I'd gladly go back there again and try their thin crust pizzas!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Become a Magician in 6 Days

If you've got a kid who likes performing magic and you want to encourage that sense of wonder and playfulness, maybe you'd be interested to either enrol yourself (so you'll be the teaching h9m the tricks) or him at KSM's Magic Workshop.

There's a Basic and Fundamental Workshop for 7-15 year olds and Street, Fundamental and Intermediate Magic for 16 year olds and above. Check out the poster. It's on April 27, may 01 and 03 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.

Contact @ or 0918-9069874.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spice Up Your Tocino

Spice up your tocino by literally putting spice into it.

We love the Pampanga's Best brand, because it's sweet without being irritating. Plus, it has a healthy amount of fatty portions which I love. We just add water to it and let it boil till there's only that thick sauce left (to put on our rice).

Sometimes though, when i'm feeling more industrious, I cut it up in smaller pieces. Bite size pieces. When cooked this way, they even become more tender. Then I add about half a teaspoon of chili powder. It adds a kick to the tocino without being too overpowering.

Sometimes, we also add sweet chili sauce (2-3 tbsp) to it.

The downside? You end up eating more rice with this one. And it's better when served with steamed rice over fried rice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preparing for Baby

Aside from wondering which booties to buy and attending Lamaze classes and decorating your baby's nursery, first time parents especially are encouraged to discuss, plan and decide on some important matters, such as the following:

1) baby's nourishment
Will you breastfeed or not, and why? Which food will be allowed and which eating habits are acceptable once baby can already take solids? what's your your stand on health and diet issues? What are your own eating habits and what changes are you willing/going to make?

2) parenting
Will you be all for self-soothing or attachment parenting? How will you handle meddling in-laws? What are your backgrounds that may affect your parenting? Which are smallies and which are biggies, in terms of putting your foot down?

3) discipline
How do you define it? When do you think you should start? What values do you want to impart?

4) vaccinations
Will you have it all, or just select? Why?

5) communication
Will you teach sign language? Will you speak to your child in English or teach him your local dialect? How do you expect others to communicate with him? What are some rules in communication that you and your partner already observe?

6) money
What are essential baby expenses? How would this affect the general household expenses? What do you do with cash gifts for baby? How soon will you save for his education?

7) health care
Now that there is a child to be responsible for, how healthy are you guys? And how can you provide care during emergencies?

8) roles and delegation of tasks
What is expected of whom and when.

You don't exactly NEED to come up with a strict plan asap but having talks about these important things will help you and your partner iron out your own upbringing issues and concerns, and prepare you to arm yourselves for whatever decision you come up with. It may even help you get the support you would need or start making the changes to complement your plans.

These things could be point of contentions and people around you will always have unsolicited advice that may undermine you or make you feel inadequate as you're learning the ropes of parenting.

Remember, you are not just giving birth to babies.... you are also becoming parents. The transformations and changes are beyond physical. You will really have to evolve and be more aware and willful. See, no matter how difficult the pregnancy was, raising kids and keeping the marriage thriving is harder still.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother's Day Collection from Scrapbookflair has just recently posted their latest free collection: Mother's Day Collection which is perfect for Mother's Day digiscraping projects.

Grab the kit asap and enjoy digiscrapping!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tramway Garden Buffet

Located at 65 Timog Avenue Corner Mother Ignancia St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City, Tramway Garden Buffet is a great venue for birthdays, baptisms and everything else involving food.

For one, the rates are cheap. It's Chinese-Japanese buffet for less than P200 on weekdays and less than P400 on weekends. And the food is really good. I was just not able to take much pictures because I was minding my son. But the dimsums were delicious, and the sweet and sour pork was sublime. No wonder it's getting raves in a lot of message boards.

Call them at 415-2005 for inquiries.

Marinduque Hotsprings Resort

from resort flyer

Marinduque Hotsprings Resort is located at Sitio Mainit, Malbog, Buenavista, KM2, Marinduque. It offers five hotspring pools that increases blood circulation, eliminates toxins from the body, and provides pain-killing and muscle-relaxing effect. There are picnic houses and tree houses where guests can eat while enjoying the ambience, cottages with private pools, air-con rooms, function rooms as well as picnic and camping grounds.

Musar Villas is a resort extension, offering the comforts of home 3 km. away, right at the Buenavista town proper.

Getting There:

Via Plane: Take a Zest Airways flight from Manila (30 minutes) and a car ride from the airport going to the resort (about 30 minutes as well)

Via Car: From Manila, drive 3-4 hours to the port area of Lucena, Quezon and take a RoRo (4 hours) or fastcraft (45 hours) to Boac River, then car ride of 30 mins. to the resort

Via Bus: Take Jacliner or RRCG (from Cubao or Buendia) for about 8-10 hours

For inquiries and reservations, call 0910-6325934

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Capitol Hills Made More Relaxing

BlueWater Day Spa has just recently opened a branch at Capitol Hills Golf Club, amidst the exclusive villages and the golf course.

It features great views as well as BlueWater's trademark of well-thought of facilities like the Spa Home Theater system. I'm guessing golfers who have sweat it out at the nearby golf course will love getting pampered there by getting foot scrubs together while talking about the highlights of their recent game.

But one other thing I think nearby establishments can do is team up with BlueWater Day Spa and give out spa certificates as prizes. It's a cheaper but equally wonderful incentive to give out to employees of the country and golf clubs. Say, no tardy episodes for an entire month will entitle you to a foot massage. And if you accummulate your "points" for three months, then you'll be entitled to something more luxe at the spa.

Spa certificates can also be given as prizes in the golf tournaments. Nothing like a good facial to go along with your retelling of your win and the showcasing of your trophy.

Mommies can also treat their local day care and preschool teachers to a day at the spa as a reward for stimulating and caring for their kids while these precious ones aren't home.

(And instead of PJ parties, maybe moms can just sponsor their kids receiving treatments together instead so there'd be less shrieking and junk food at home, and more actual pampering and bonding)

So those that live nearby or those who want to go to a spa with a nicer ambience than usual, do check this latest addition to the BlueWater franchise:

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch
Capitol GreenStreet Commercial Center, Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City
Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 4730455, 9524829, 4350114

And now, they're giving 20 bloggers a chance to enjoy the luxuriousness of their spa. Check out their contest which runs till April 21, 2009 only.

Keep Cool this Summer

The heat, its accompanying colds and allergic episodes are all appetite suppressants, which may be good for those wanting to lose a few pounds. Eating may turn off people because the body heats up some more as it digests the food. Still, people should be concerned about keeping cool this summer lest they suffer from heat exhaustion or worse, heat stroke.

Hydrating is key. You can drink just plain water or add some zest to it by adding slices of lemon to your cold pitcher of water. Fruit juices are also great as they contain vitamins and minerals (and maybe electrolytes). Drink tea and coffee in moderation, however, as these are diuretics.

Watery fruits like watermelon and jicamas and melons will be great snacks. Even cucumber sticks are sure to refresh you. Iced treats of fresh fruits in season is also ideal. And of course, ice cream (though I read recently that preggos may want to avoid ice cream because they might not tolerate the milk in it as pregnancy hormones sometimes result in lactose intolerance).

And for iced treats with milk, how does one make them more creamy? Add a tablespoon or two of powdered milk!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marinduque Crabs

What crabs can you enjoy when in Marinduque?

I recently ate two varieties of crustaceans from there.

The first is the true blue local crab, which is hairier than usual. It's shell is also tougher than what we from Manila (who are used to eating at Dampa or Seaside) are used to. And they're average-sized. They are also harder to eat, not only because of the tougher shell you have to crack but also because the hard plates and projections in the crab's stomach (under the gills) are too narrow (and also tough). But they're delightful to be eaten just the same.

Last Holy Week, they were being sold for about P90/kilo (yes, so cheap!). Note however that this may be a seasonal fare. They may also be cheaper at other times when seafood isn't in high demand so make sure you haggle nice.

The other kind of crustacean I had the wonderful opportunity to try was locally referred to as TIPAS. These are small crabs caught on beach shores. Usually, one can just lure them with fish in hand. I think, upon smelling the dead fish, they'd let the waves carry them to you (or they'd go out of their burrows).

fresh tipas collected in a bamboo pole at the beach

You just really wash them well and then deep fry. Serve with vinegar spiced with garlic and salt. They taste just like your usual crispy crablets (but of course, they have that extra zest of freshness).

I believe there is another kind of crab that people in Marinduque can enjoy. It's usually ordered already cooked and wrapped in banana leaves. I just forgot what it's called and have yet to sample it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Task Delegation and Division

One marriage preserver I know is delegating tasks.

If the hubs was tasked to compare auto insurance, I get put in charge of comparing educational insurance. He does the laundry (carting the dirty clothes to the laundry shop, that is), the garbage collection and disposal and the weekend play with our son. I do the cooking twice a week (because we have help), handle the daily care of our son and monitor the bills and expenses.

I also monitor the savings while he makes sure we have something to save.

Dividing tasks between us helps us do more and actually finish doing something (like work hubby brings home or work that I do part-time). Tasks also get finished faster which adds to quality time with each other. But the greatest benefit of all is that resentments are kept to a minimum. I have heard of far too many wives harping on the husband who doesn't pull his weight around the house, and husbands complaining that all their wives do is shop, and this takes away from the marriage. Before one knows it, a little thing sets one off and all the resentments come pouring out and whatever rift becomes all the harder to repair. Just like a volcano erupting.

So delegate and divide the tasks between you two, or among your household. Even toddlers can be expected to help pick up their own toys. Don't do it all or even attempt to because you are not supposed to.

Zest Air - Marinduque Flight

Zest Air (former Asian Spirit) is known for bad reviews. But despite that January fiasco at the Caticlan runway, we still booked flights with Zest Air last February for Holy Week since it's the only airline going to Marinduque and we didn't want to compete with the ferry crowd at the Lucena Port.

We didn't expect much for the P1k fares but were surprised (and happy) that it wasn't that bad too.

Of course, contacting their Reservations Hotline can be quite a task. Yes, you may wonder if they only had one phone line to service all incoming calls. And yes, nobody responds to e-mail inquiries from their end. Still, if you call the Reservations Office around 8 AM< you're more likely to get connected to an agent.

Calling to reconfirm flights is very important. The flight schedule for Marinduque supposedly leaves at 6 AM from Manila but after reconfirming, it has been moved to 8 AM. We were asked to board the plane at around 8:20 AM (so yeah, the general airport practice of checking-in two hours before departure time sucks, especially for planes that are as small). I miss the one-hour grace period of old (for domestic flights, that is).

Zest Air was handing out free flavored water at the airport, and I liked the Apple one.

Anyway, the trip takes around 30 minutes only. The plane used to fly us can accommodate 30 passengers. No snacks were served (unless maybe for those holding P3k tickets? because I did see the stewardess with a tray carrying three juice packs?). The seating is a little cramped but for a short flight, it's negligible inconvenience. The air conditioning was working, I didn't hear of complaints about dripping water, and any of the others i've been warned about.

The runway in Marinduque is short and non-smooth so we really felt it when our pilot landed the plane. But it wasn't so bad and i've seriously had worse jeep and cab rides.

The crew were friendly and accommodating. They were the ones that offered my son a chance to meet the pilots, and the pilots were more than happy to have him sit in the cockpit (son didn't want to let go of Mommy though).

Terminal Fee at the old domestic airport is P200. It's just P20 at the Marinduque airport but you also pay a service fee of P50 per passenger for the Zest Air agents there.

The return trip was just as uneventful. And we're planning on flying to Marinduque again in May... and Boracay in July. So shall I recommend the airline to others? Absolutely, if they can afford to be realistic with their expectations and really want to cut on travelling costs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Techie Momma

Mother's Day is coming up and am sure fathers, husbands and kids alike are scrambling to come up with good gifts for the number one woman in their lives.

For this year, how about foregoing the usual flowers, sweets and cards and consider the techie momma that is your wife/mother? Instead of choosing between yellow or orange roses, why not check out laptop deals instead? Or how about new phones with more powerful cameras? Or any other accessories that will suit their lifestyle (think of iPhones and how these will enable more Plurking on the move).

Even phones or media players with pedometers may be more welcome and thoughtful. And for sure, there are payment schemes to suit everybody's financial situation.

Manila Ocean Park Photo Exhibit

got this in my e-mail


Entrance Lobby (Concourse Plaza)
April 20 to May 31,2009

Any Camera club or Individual Photographer who want to join this event may contact FPPF office and look for Sir Lito Beltran tel no. 5247576 or George Yu and Tristan Yap at 09178077761.

Date of Exhibition:
April 20th to 26th FPPF
April 27th to 3rd May Still Open
May 4th to 10th Still Open
May 11th to 17th John Taca Photographer Exhibit
May 18th to 24th Oly Ruiz/ Modern Photographers Camera Club
25th to 31st May FPPF

Rental of one panel boards P 1,000 per panel / week
Number of panel: initially 10 panels


I'm betting this would be great for those who are just starting their own photo studios and photography teams as a marketing strategy to get more clients. It can also be something camera clubs can make a contest of (choice picks will be the ones displayed, but everyone will chip in to give the best in the club their chance in the limelight).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Seaside Homes

Sure, none of us can really afford checking out properties as grand as Wilmington NC real estate but those of us who do happen to have beachside properties can chsnnel luxury without spending that much.

Some beach strips in the country already demand a certain level of status (like in Bataan, some areas demand owners that homes built should cost no less than P2 million) but those that do not (yet) should take advantage of that and build their dream beachside home while considering the following:

1) Great house design. Think about maximizing sea breeze and view. Think of preserving as much trees (and building in their shade). Think of deep well water sources if it's available. Think of expansive verandas which can double as entertaining, sleeping and eating zones.

2) Local knowledge, products and skills. Use local timber that is good and strong (yakal, molave) for the house, Use some of the wood from the trees that you must chop down for the treehouse. Use decor that you can buy locally (paintings? pottery? dug up relics?) to give your home character.

3) Keep everything simple, even the luxuries. Hammocks are more popular in beachside properties than fancy patio furniture.

Plus, the home shouldn't be big. It should just allow a lot of opportunities for relaxing and bonding. Again, think hammocks and cabanas.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Own Make-up Workshops

Sujee Isturis-Sarmiento, make-up artist who specializes in Beauty, Bridal and Fashion Make-up is offering workshops on applying make-up. She's going for a more intimate, individualized instruction so there's a maximum of FOUR pax per workshop.

Contact her via e-mail at or contact her through her mobile +63 920 9096068. Also visit her multiply account This is great for friends who want to invest in themselves, bachelorette parties and bonding time with sisters and girl friends. Also perfect for fresh grads who are entering corporate worlds.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Advertise at Wanlu's Site

Attention all party planners and kiddie party suppliers.

Wanlu, the famous magician of birthday parties, is welcoming advertisers to his site since his site has been getting lots of hits (for sure, from anxious parents checking out what he can bring to a birthday party... and maybe some justification for his rates, hehe).

Ad rate is Php1,000 (One thousand pesos) for 6 months
This will include posting of you logo at my site with a link going to your website or blog or your email address.

Check out his site to see how it can expand your own business!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mt. Tapyas - Coron, Palawan

Get there riding a tricycle (or just walk to the place). Feel free to ask for directions how to get there from the town proper.

The Coronians always boast of its 700+ steps. I believe it's the second-highest place in Coron, and their good people decided to draw travellers to its summit by building all those steps, with at least 10 rest stops (5 of which offers shade).

It does offer a great "Welcome to Coron" experience. As you climb up, you see more and more of the many limestone formations/islands that make up Coron, how pristine its waters are and how really beautiful the island is.

The climb takes less than an hour (a lot less if you're super fit), but one shouldn't really rush and miss taking in the wonderful view.

with powerful optical zoom or telephoto
lens, this is a shot of the top from the bottom

view of mountains and horizons beyond

the stairs that get you to the top

the park in the middle of the trek up

last two major flights of steps

not for the afraid of heights

the view deck at the top

with powerful optical zoom or telephoto
lens, this is a shot of the port from the top

Mountaineers may also consult the locals because the view deck is a flat, perfect camp area and one can just imagine the gust of winds up there at night.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Time Collection

Seeing as I won't be in Manila for Easter and will miss the many Easter Egg Hunts in malls, parishes and villages, allow me the pleasure then of sharing with you that the Easter Time Collection at

I absolutely adore the frame in the cracked eggshell!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Religious Sign Language

Make this Lenten more memorable for your family by adding to your child's sign language vocabulary. I found this nifty site that will arm you with the more common religious sign language you'd need.

The signs are acted out by cartoons so they're more easy to learn.

Kids Ahoy Creative Play Shop

If you're looking for something to entertain your kids with this summer, or a wonderful treat for nieces and nephews, do consider enrolling them in Kids Ahoy Creative Play Shop.

Play Club Membership Program
P1500/16hours consumable throughout summer

2-12yrs, 3-5PM Tues to Fri
P1500 only 16hours of playtime consummable between March 10-May 30th.

TUESDAYS: Arts and crafts activities
WEDNESDAYS: Outdoor play & games
THURSDAYS: Board Games
FRIDAYS: Storytelling/show and tell

You get 15% off (on 12 sessions in-house created programs) & priority inclusions in our Free demo classes, Media exposures & exclusive events!!!

For inquiries, email:
Or call (02) 473 7896 and look for Teachers Thea or Aia.
To better serve you and your child, Email inquiries will be prioritized:
SUBJECT: Kids Ahoy Play Club/Programs Inquiry
Pls include:
Name of Child, Age:
Name & Contact Info of Parents (email, mobile & city location)
Interests of Child:
Preferred Schedule/Availability:
How did you hear about us?

Monday, April 06, 2009

Building Homes

One of the things you have to really consider when you're building your home is the climate in that area, or at least, how much rain or sun it gets each year. It is very common to see steel buildings in really cold places like Baguio and Sagada (especially those which are literally situated on mountains) because the steel sheets keep the cold out.

Wooden everything in a beach house is really great, because you get to take advantage of the ocean breeze. However, if you can't afford the upkeep (for such homes are prone to termite infestation), settle on concrete instead.

And if your area gets much sun, it might do well to take advantage of that for more natural lighting in the home. That will save big bucks in the long run. Just make sure you also make sure that you get the light without the heat, otherwise your furnitures might cook when they're hit directly everyday. Sometimes, it's just a matter of drawing curtains everyday, but in this heat, who'd do that? The best thing probably is to have extended roofing that will provide shade but still allow illumination in. Also consider where the sun rises/sets and where its rays hit so you can adjust window placements accordingly. Same considerations apply for where breezes come and go.

One should also avoid a lot of wood in wet areas, as wood usually end up decaying. Again, this would eat up a lot of maintenance costs.

If you're new to the area, maybe staying there for an entire day will do you and your architect good. And then consult the locals to get valuable feedback before finalizing on a home design.

Zamboanga Restaurant

Zamboanga Restaurant is famous for its seafood offerings. We decided to check it out and see if it's worth the supposedly high-end prices.

Ambience-wise, the place looks luxurious without being stuffy. There is a stage in the first floor for the Cultural Show that's held there every 8-9 PM. There is a smoking (upper level of the split-level first floor) and non-smoking area.

The place actually looks very intimate... however, the serenading group entertaining diners take away much from that sense of intimacy. But the group is good and the restaurant patrons, composed mostly of foreigners, really enjoy being sung to while dining.

The cultural show is also very interesting. The dances and choreography aren't what you typically see. It was the first time I watched male performers doing the malong dance, which absolutely thrilled the guests as the dancers showed the many ways a malong can be donned (and all over the body too).

The staff are all courteous and friendly.

Unfortunately for us, the famous curacha crab was not available. Curacha is a type of crab that can be found only in Zamboanga and resembles a cockroach, hence the name.

Now, for the food. We ordered Zamboanga Rice, Vegetable Soup, Guinataang Crab and Crispy Beef Ribs and fresh huko juice. That cost us around P2k (crab dishes cost an average of P135/100 gms. and their crabs weigh an average of 600 gms.). The crispy Beef Ribs were really delicious, tender and tasty and an order can be enjoyed by 2-3 persons. But everything else was just so-so. I even find that Aling Tonya's in any Dampa or Seaside branch cook better crabs in coconut milk (and for the price we paid for it, we cooked have gotten more than one crab!). But to be fair, the seafood served at the restaurant is really fresh. I actually suspect that they make better tahong (mussels) and halaan dishes.

clean CRs!

I think it's really the expats and foreigners who'd like the place, mostly for the cultural show. And I guess those who don't want the noisy atmosphere in Dampa and Seaside seafood eating places.

(forgive the pics as I was using my cam phone only)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Books as Gifts

Always, we're beset with questions for gift suggestions for a baptism or birthday or wedding. Always, we want something to give something that's really thoughtful and useful and a little unique.

When I get asked for suggestions, all I ever say is to give books. First of all, I don't think kids (or people in general) are doing much reading. And we all certainly have to do more of it. I say Christian books written just for kids will be a hit with parents, and kids will then have one more reason to learn good manners and true values.

Helpful books that teach skills will also be useful for both parents and kids. A book on creative activities to while the hours away at home will also be a great book.

What of honeymooners? Communication books or travel guides are sure to be much appreciated. And with books, you need not worry that they'll be receiving lots of it. Just steer clear of the really popular bestsellers (like A Purpose Driven Life).

Friday, April 03, 2009

Having Digital Pictures Professionally Printed

There are some of us who'd still rather have digital pictures printed professionally. I especially like the 4R matte paper that Photoline uses.

What I usually do is edit and resize the picure files already for easier discussion with photo center attendants. I usually save in whichever flash memory I grab first. Unfortunately, going to professional developing centers also usually mean that my memory card or thumb drive will get a virus. No matter how much the printers try to scan each memory card, yu'd still really end up with a virus.

Not only do you risk your computer at home (or work) with contamination but your memory card might also get corrupted. And the bigger memory, the more you lose. I've learned my lesson the hard way.

Now I make sure to save on the smallest memory SD I have instead of my gigabyte-thumb drives. I don't really have a lot printed anyway. They're faster to scan for viruses and reformat as well. Plus, they're easily more expendable than thumb drives.


Link taken down!

Go Camping

Granted, it's been raining for the past week every other day. But still, summer is the perfect time to go camping and enjoy the outdoors that we still have in abundance.

Granted, rv camping isn't really popular here as there aren't stations where you can dump waste in and get water from. But we do have a lot of low mountains (average 500 feet from sea level) which you can hike in two hours or so (and that's a slooooow trek already). Perfect for a late afternoon hike in time to catch the sun set, set up camp, have dinner (you can even bring pre-cooked ones), spend the night exchanging stories with only headlamps and the moon for light (because we all should practice LNT), wake up early to watch the sun rise, and be back in town before lunch.

We also have a lot of rivers, lakes and beaches where we can set up camp. Sea breeze as ventilation will work wonders on stressed souls. If you don't have a tent, some resorts can supply you with one for a minimal fee (Think Laiya and Puerto Galera). And because shorelines and communities mix, you can also just buy food from the locals. But still you get to camp and sleep with less of the trappings of civilization.

Just make sure you have lots of sunscreen with you.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Tans Guesthouse Boracay Promo

The Tans Guesthouse, long hailed as a really affordable accommodation in Boracay for budget travellers has just updated their website for their Low Season Promo.

For four days and two nights, you can pay as low as P6,500 (for two pax already) and get welcome drinks, daily continetal breakfast buffet, land tour, one time dinner, one time cocktail and transfers from Cagban to the resort (and vice versa). Talk about a great bargain!

Plus, testimonials over the motherly Ms. Net who runs the place is overwhelming. So when making travel plans to Boracay, do consider the place.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Summer Trips and Getaways

There are a lot of non-working holidays coming up next week, and despite the recession, people are bound to take advantage of this to get much needed R&R. However, some people have this misconception that such trips have to be that expensive, mainly because they've been staying at business hotels and eating at posh restaurants the entire time. Doing so eats up money for island hopping tours and souvenir item purchases.

A good example would be Boracay. The talipapa market there is a mine of seafood heaven at a good price, but people would rather eat at restaurants who charge at least three times for the same dish (and the serving wouldn't be as much). Even at El Nido, there are a lot of carinderias and small restos one can dine in at the main island, and lots more transient inns to stay in, but people often think they have to stay in the isolated exclusive islands of Miniloc and Lagen.

So consider the cheaper options so you can maximize your vacations. I swear they don't really take away from the vacation (like, do you stay inside your room all day when in Boracay?) and you get a better feel of the local culture too.
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