Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Summer Sprucing

Summer has come indeed. With it, mosquitoes and other bugs/pests are not far away. It is certainly time to check your home for much needed repairs. Hinges have gone rusty? Oil them or replace them. Have doorknobs been giving you a hard time? Maybe you want to consider installing industrial knobs instead?

Gutters and roofs have broken down or are filled with litter, debris and who knows what else? Declutter, fix or replace. And repaint them. At least the summer heat is sure to dry the paint up in no time, and your home will be ready for the rainy months. Replace screens, clean air-conditioning units, and go through all your stuff with a garbage bag for all the things you really have no use again for.

This is also the perfect time to get your sewage tank pumped or to build additions to the family home.

Also, check for wires that may have gotten exposed to avoid fires this summer. Invest an entire weekend for this project so you need not get hassled bythem later on. Plus, your home's safety and security is your family's as well.

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