Thursday, March 05, 2009

Reverse Your Mindset

Hubs was the one who made me realize this. Some people will borrow, say, P200 to start a business (selling bottled water on consignment). Some would borrow more, say, P500 to buy baking supplies and start a cakes, cookies and cupcake business. And this is really how a lot of women on Multiply started their baked goodies sideline, by starting small and relying on ready clients (colleagues and friends) and word of mouth.

Us middle-income folks have more than P1,000 which we usually just spend dining out with friends. Let's reverse our mindset and ask ourselves then, "what can I do with P2,000 to make it generate more money? what is it that i'm good at?"

Family businesses need not start on a large scale. We do not have to be comparing suppliers for cattle supplies just yet, or buying farms and erecting buildings before we can be our own boss. We just have to sart small and be satisfied with small earnings.

As long as we do earn, then it would be more than enough to augment the family income.

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