Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extend Aircon Use

The heat is driving us all insane.

What's more, our electric bills have started to soar along with the temperature. So why am I suggesting that we extend aircon use?

Well, of course, there are other things you can do to control your electric usage. Like use the electric fan more, or an exhaust fan. Like take more baths maybe, and avoid diuretics that make you lose fluids and therefore make you feel more hot.

But see, one of the more common solutions people come up with is going to the mall to avail oneself of free air conditioning. It is actually not a bad idea IF you can also control your spending once you're there. Can you guarantee that you won't take a cab going to and fro? Won't you snack somewhere? When you see something that's a real bargain, won't you buy it? Won't you remember that your stocks of so and so are running low? Won't you buy anything for the people you'd be coming home to?

Before you know it, there went your budget.

Going to the mall appeals to the consumer in you, and chances are, you'd spend some P100-200 up each time you go. Now, how many times will you go in a month? The money you save from going to the mall CAN be spent on the additional electric bill. Plus, chances are, extending aircon use will actually end up being cheaper.

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