Monday, March 30, 2009

Painted Lights Photography

Looking for an affordable photo-video team who will work with you in making sure your wonderful memories and special moments get captured for eternity? Consider Painted Lights Photography. Right now, they offer the following packages:

Package A – Php 25,000
1 Photographer - unlimited shots
40-page 8x10 Digital Layout Album (Magazine Type)
Prenuptial/Engagement Shoot
10-page 10x8 Signature Guestbook
DVDs/CDs of all hi-res digital shots

Package B – Php 35,000
2 Photographers - unlimited shots
40 Pages 11x14 or 12x12 Digital Layout Album (The Book - with silver or gold trimmings)
16x20 Wedding Portrait in a special frame
Prenuptial/Engagement shoot
10-page 10x8 Signature guestbook
AVP slideshow of prenuptial pictures (digital album)
DVDs/CDs of all hi-res digital shots

Package C – Php 15,000 (No Album)
1 Photographer - unlimited shots
Prenuptial/Engagement shoot
Digital album/slideshow (CD/DVD)
DVDs/CDs of all hi-res digital shots


Video Services (c/o Digital Shots Video) – Php 15,000
1 unit 3 CCD HDV Video Shoot with lights, audio lapel and GLIDECAM
1 Cameraman and 1 Lightman/Assistant
Full Non-Linear Editing with Cinematic Color correction
1 DVD with Authored Menu

Onsite Photo Slideshow – Php 2,500
Photos from preparation to ceremony to be played during reception

Parent’s Album – Php 7,000
2 pieces Parent’s Mini Album Set (5x7)

Guestbook – Php 2,000
10 Pages 10x8 Guest Book

Additional Photographer – Php 3,000
1 Photographer (backup)

Digital Album – Php 1,500
Online slideshow with DVD format copy

Other Services:

Prenuptial/Engagement Shoot only – Php 5,000
Whole-day Shoot. Unlimited Shots.
DVDs/CDs containing all high resolution digital shots
Free AVP slideshow of Prenup pictures (DVD Format)

Kiddie Birthday / Baptism Shoot Only – Php 4,000
Unlimited Digital Shots
DVDs/CD containing all high resolution RAW digital shots

Payment Terms:

Php 5,000 deposit/reservation fee (non-refundable), 70% balance on the wedding day itself and the last 30% of the balance upon delivery of the album.

* Rates are applicable within Metro Manila only.

Contact Them:

Spring Collections at Scrapbookflair

Hurry and download the latest offerings at Scrapbookflair. The Dream of Spring Collection and Spring is in the Air Collection are two lovely kits in really cool, refreshing colors.

Perfect to digiscrap your summer getaway pics with! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Signing Time Videos

Granted, they're the only signing videos I really watched. But the videos are really just amazing! Not only were they engaging, but you can tell they're also well thought out. Aside from the signs themselves, one also leaves away ideas about hygiene, eating healthy, keeping safe, playing nice and having fun. The values are just there. The use of inter-racial kids and kids with special needs also teach about tolerance and awareness.

I just love the videos. My family loves the videos. The songs are also really catchy. My son loves the videos and nothing else. We don't get tired of the videos. Really, words cannot describe how brilliant these videos are. nd how helpful!

Go to to see how you can purchase the CDs/DVDs.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ma Mon Luk - Quiapo

Ma Mon Luk at Quiapo is the original branch. And now I think they're down to two branches (the other one is in QC).

Ma Mon Luk was a poor Chinese who went to the Philippines to earn money and save so he can marry the woman he loves. He made a twist to the original bami being sold in Quiapo and practically reinvented Chinese cooking to suit Filipino palates. And thus, Ma Mon Luk has become an institution.

Ma Mon Luk in Quiapo is sorely lacking in ambience. People who have not been introduced to its offerings would probably grimace at the drab surroundings. Plus, it doesn't help that it's located in Quiapo and there isn't any parking space available for its patrons. But despite this, one will still see a lot of nice cars trying to squeeze into parking spaces in adjoining busy streets. Around meal times, the place still gets packed. And where take-outs are concerned, the place does make a killing. Sometimes, they even run out of siopao as early as 5 PM.

Ma Mon Luk is actually not for the poor. A regular siopao costs P40 (special costs P55, I think) already and a regular order of chicken mami costs P85 (special is P95, beef is P100). And though they have other offerings (such as short order noodles and dimsums), these two are really their bestsellers.

And seriously, I have yet to taste a yummier siopao! I actually don't know why their mami costs so much, but it is very delicious as well (but the siopao is the incomparable one).

So if you want to eat something authentic Fil-Chi, or give your expat/foreigner friends a treat, try Ma Mon Luk. If you're scared of Quiapo, try their QC branch.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Maximizing Food and Extending Dishes

The price of produce and groceries, even eating out, is soaring. So we need to be a little savvy about extending those dishes.

Sample things one can do include:

1) Plan Your Menu

Consider recipes that require the same ingredients so you can buy the ingredients in bulk. Just store the ingredients properly. Most vegetables will keep for a week when stored well. A sample strategy is buying ground pork and dividing it into 3-4 portions and storing it separately. One part, you can use for lumpiang shanghai, the other part for some meatball and veggie soup and then the last portion for sauteed veggies. Three different dishes that used the same ingredient (and all those can use carrots as well!)

2) Use What You Have

Have little bits of everything in the fridge? Cut them up to spice up a congee of rice or noodle soup or veggie soup. Have about to spoil little bits of veggies? Boil everything and strain and keep the broth to flavor future dishes. Don't have white onions? Use red, native ones. Sure, it will affect the color of your dish but if you aren't entertaining, that really wouldn't matter.

3) Keep things simple

Although it's nice to eat a meal that you know has been labored on for hours, it's just not practical. It's a waste of energy and time for busy families. So save labor-intensive dishes for weekends, when it can really be enjoyed and you actually have the time to make sure it will be enjoyed. Or, if thereare things you can already cut and prepare beforehand, do so, so that you'll just be throwing things into the pot when making a weeknight dinner.

4) Save the broths

Boiled chicken for chicken spread? Keep the broth. It's been seasoned and flavored anyway so might as well keep it. Then later on, use it for soups. Either just add some noodles or pasta and veggies... or boil veggies in it and puree later.

5) Use Meat as Flavoring

Instead of always preparing dishes where meat is the main thing, prepare dishes where meat is used as flavoring or extender. Think chopsuey and other veggies you can sautee and just garnish with some pork slices or ground beef or pieces of chicken. Think of spring rolls. Think tokwa't baboy. Think veggies cooked in coconut milk like Gising Gising. Vegetables are healthier options and are a lot cheaper than meat.

6) Recycle sauces

If everyone uses serving spoons, and you only serve/reheat portions that will be eaten, then recycle some of the sauces. For example, if you cooked Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce, feel free to make sure there'd be extra sauce for some Shrimps or Pork in Lemon Butter Sauce for the following day. You get to extend the use of lemons and butter, which are both expensive.

Also, if ordering take-outs from Dampa or Seaside, say Sweet Chili shrimps, ask them for lots of sauce and save that sauce for later use. You can just as easily fry pork cutlets and add the sauce (or if you want it to taste differently, add a small can of pineapple tidbits).

There are many creative ways how to extend food we buy and prepare... we just have to be a little inventive about it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extend Aircon Use

The heat is driving us all insane.

What's more, our electric bills have started to soar along with the temperature. So why am I suggesting that we extend aircon use?

Well, of course, there are other things you can do to control your electric usage. Like use the electric fan more, or an exhaust fan. Like take more baths maybe, and avoid diuretics that make you lose fluids and therefore make you feel more hot.

But see, one of the more common solutions people come up with is going to the mall to avail oneself of free air conditioning. It is actually not a bad idea IF you can also control your spending once you're there. Can you guarantee that you won't take a cab going to and fro? Won't you snack somewhere? When you see something that's a real bargain, won't you buy it? Won't you remember that your stocks of so and so are running low? Won't you buy anything for the people you'd be coming home to?

Before you know it, there went your budget.

Going to the mall appeals to the consumer in you, and chances are, you'd spend some P100-200 up each time you go. Now, how many times will you go in a month? The money you save from going to the mall CAN be spent on the additional electric bill. Plus, chances are, extending aircon use will actually end up being cheaper.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paksiw na Lechon Manok

I got the recipe from Pinoycook. At first, I followed it to the letter but found that her recipe is too salty for my taste. So I ended up modifying it some.

This is very easy to cook and is a lot like adobo.

1 kilo of chicken (go for big cuts)
1-2 white onion, chopped
1 tsp. of pepper (or more!)
1-2 bay (laurel) leaf
1 cup white vinegar (use Marca Piña or sukang paombong for a richer taste)
1/3 cup soy sauce (or less)
1 small can of liver spread
garlic (I typically just use 3 cloves because I don't like garlic)
1 cup water
1/2 Maggi Magic sarap

1) In a big pot or pan, place the chicken pieces skin-side down. Add 1 cup vinegar, chopped white onions, bay leaf, garlic and pepper. Turn on the heat and simmer, covered, without stirring.

2) Continue cooking till the vinegar has evaporated. Then brown the chicken pieces in its own fat. Notice that the onions would have caramelized too, adding some sort of liquid into the mix.

3) Add the water, sugar, soy sauce. Dissolve the liver spread in a half cup of water and add to the chicken. Stir to blend the new ingredients well.

4) Continue simmering for about 10-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the Magic sarap and add more pepper or vinegar or sugar according to taste.

My household actually demand a lot of the sauce (for the rice) so I don't simmer till it dries. The chicken also gets really cooked already while waiting for the vinegar to evaporate so by the time all the other ingredients are added, the chicken actually gets flaky and some get dissolved in the sauce (wich is absolute heaven for my household). Thus, I recommend big cuts of chicken, otherwise you'll be picking on bones (which get really tender and chewable, again, something my household loves).

If cooking as a pulutan, I guess chicken wings and necks would be ideal for this.

The fat you'll see is all chicken fat. So if you want to avoid that, go for chicken breasts (and remove the skin?).

No need to add salt. The liver spread is also salty so you can really reduce the amount of soy sauce if you want to make this dish lower in sodium.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Squash Soup

Squash, when it's good quality (what we call maligat), is great and sweet and very nutritious too. And beef seems to be the most complementary to it.

1/2 medium-sized squash, big cubes
1/8 kilo ground beef
1 white onion
3 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
pinch of curry powder

1) Season beef with salt and pepper an hour before cooking.

2) In a pot, boil onion, squash and ground beef (make sure you crumble the ground beef when you put it in the pot, otherwise it will be cooked in one chunk, like a meatball) in just enough water that everything is in water. You can just add more water later. Feel free to use vegetable broth (homemade or not).

3) Simmer until both squash and ground beef are cooked and squash is super soft.

4) Remove from heat. Puree in a blender. You may want to strain it first and separate the solids from the broth to make pureeing easier. Just put in the solids little by little and add liquids in the same manner till you get to the consistency you want.

5) Simmer the whole batch in a pot, stirring and seasoning with more salt and pepper plus the curry powder according to your taste.

* It's easier to THIN this type of soup so go easy on adding liquids. You can also add milk or cream to it. If making big batches, only add milk/cream to the portion you're going to serve and not to the entire batch as it might spoil the soup even when kept refrigerated.

** The ground beef will give a sort of nutty element to the soup. Feel free to add more chopped onions if you like.

*** To thicken, add some cornstarch or just let it simmer longer, uncovered.

**** Feel free to make it healthier by adding a potato, sayote or carrot to the ingredients. If you want something you can chew on, dice the additional veggies instead of pureeing it with the squash.

***** I am partial to Dizon's squash, which is a little more expensive but is usually guaranteed maligat.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Custom Rubber Stamps

One party idea that I wanted to do before was to have a custom rubber stamp made which we will use on balloons for my son's birthday party before. You can have a caricature made of your child's face and have these stamped on balloons and napkins. You can even have little ones made and use them for table numbers, dish name cards, loot bags, and other stationery you may use (invites, tags, thank you notes).

You can even have them made with positive or inspirational quotes or reminders and give as giveaways. I'm sure kids will love the unique souvenir and parents will likewise appreciate something cool and cute reminding their child to mind their manners, or brush their teeth, or that friends are to be treasured.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Kiddie Party Expo

When you hear EXPO, you immediately think of a posh version of a bazaar. Certainly, you'd expect crowds and a multitude of booths. So when I heard about this, even if it is the first such expo ever, I expected a Divi-like feel of varied suppliers clamoring for your attention and enticing you with their wares. I expected to see trends where birthday parties are concerned, and options, lots of them.

So it was with dismay that I found Manila Ocean Park's Concourse Plaza not crowded and very much unfilled with booths. There weren't even balloons to make the place more festive!

But at least it wasn't so hot there (because there wasn't a crowd and they seem to have installed more fans) and the expo IS free. Upon entering, you'd immediately see booths on your left (I think the first was Kia, the next is a cute onesie shop for Urban Baby Online products, the next is a Face painting stall, and the next one is a Party Planning cum Scents station).

In the middle of the Plaza is a stage for a 3 PM event. There were a lot of mad Science tarps so I guess they're having some demo or show there. There are also a lot of tables where Holy Kettle Corn is displayed... where you also register for the activities. Kids can get to bounce free on an inflatable thingie at the far end of the plaza and you can register them for food tasting.

There are at least two booths for picture taking, with one of them offering clients to jump on a trampoline so that the resulting shot looks like you're jumping to/falling from the sky (the backdrop is of clouds). I saw another party planning events booth (first pic) and a Josiah's setup near the entrance to the Ocean Park.

If you're a parent hoping to get suppliers from your party and make this expo a one-stop shop of sorts, you could be horribly disappointed. Multiply and Divisoria offer more options for you.

But if you have nowhere to go for the weekend and is tired of your usual mall haunts, this could be an interesting place to go to. I'm guessing (hoping) there'd be more activities over the weekend for the kids, so the kids will at least have fun. Maybe you can contact the organizers to know when activities or shows will be. You can even make a field trip out of it, by attending the storytelling hour at the Museong Pambata (10:00 AM I think). When you're tired of the Museum, go to Manila Ocean Park then cap your day at the MV Doulos anchored at one of the South piers (just behind Manila Hotel).

And certainly, I don't think parents need to worry that they'd be making a lot of impulsive buys here (except for the cute onesies!). And there are more restaurants open (aside from North Park, I think Gerry's Grill is also operational already). And then there is the Manila Ocean Park attractions.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basic Photography Seminar

For those looking for photography seminars, you may want to check out this March-April seminars happening at Valdez Room, UP Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Q.C.

Seminar Fee is P3,000.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DTI Exporters' Expo 2009

The granbest sale of top export products not available locally is happening this 25-29 March 2009 at the Philippine Trade Training Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City (beside World Trade Center) from 11 am to 6 pm.

The sale will feature top exporters for products like Arts and Crafts, Christmas and Holiday Décor, Fashion Accessories, Furniture, Gifts Garments, Electronics / Appliances, Houseware & Home Décor, Leather goods and Stionery and Desk Accessories. It will be a haven haven of great finds for retail / wholesale buyers especially for
Multi-branch companies (i.e. hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.), Real estate developers (contractors, design firms, etc.), Catering (banquet set-up providers, event stylists, etc.), Homemakers and interior design enthusiasts. For those with money, it may just be the perfect venue to shop for Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Christmas Gifts.

Even those with small businesses are encouraged to go and have a look-see, maybe the products sold can inspire additional products and fresh ideas (consider Jibbitz from Crocs).

People can contact the following:
OIC Baby Ferrer, BETP - (632) 890.4723 / 890.4693

OIC Ferdi Canlas, BETP - (632) 890.4724 / 890.4720

Ms. Lyn Piquero, BETP - (632) 890.4714 / 897. 7606

Or just head on to

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rorschach Workshop

as received in my e-mail

PsychConsult, Inc. cordially invites you to attend the workshop Rorschach: The Comprehensive System on April 13 to 17, 2009 (Monday to Friday) and April 20 to 24, 2009 (Monday to Friday), 4:00 - 8:00 P.M.

This 10-day workshop aims to develop competencies in administration, scoring and interpretation of the Rorschach Inkblot Test using Exner’s Comprehensive System, through the following:

- Learning basic principles of Rorschach Inkblot Test

- Mastering scoring principles through hands-on exercises using sample protocols

- Understanding computer-generated report of Rorschach: the Comprehensive System

Regular fee: Php 8,500.00
Early bird fee: Php 8,000.00 (paid on or before March 31, 2009, Tuesday)
Venue: Regalia Park Towers, 150 P. Tuazon Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City

Workshop fees are non-refundable but may be transferred to another participant.

For inquiries, call Chona at 421-2469, 357-6427, 0917-8080193, or email

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Homeschooling Conference

There will be a Homeschooling Conference that will be held at CCF Alabang where topics like the basics of homeschooling, tips on how to create a portfolio, choosing a curriculum, homeschooling on a shoestring-budget, support groups, and more will be discussed.

Event: A Portrait of a Homeschooling Family
"the whats, whys, and hows of homeschooling"
Host: T.E.A.C.H. Homeschool Support Group
When: Saturday, March 21 at 9:00am - 2:30pm
Where: CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship) Alabang, CCF Bldg. (across Meralco Alabang, behind Citibank) Prime St. Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang
Fee is Php100- per family

Special guest speaker: Mrs. Deonna Tan-Chi

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish & Co.

A friend was chosen for the Yehey and Fish & Co. Plating Event for Bloggers last Thursday. Unfortunately, she had to back out at the last minute and referred me instead. So I found myself with 19 other bloggers at Fish & Co. at Shangri-la Mall.

Turned out, some of them were bloggers I met at the spa event a month ago. One is a Berks friend and another was a N@Wie Mom. But the best thing was being teamed up with competitive go-getters who made the contest really challenging and fun.

We were split in four teams, representing fish fillet dish flavors that the restaurant offers: Malaysia, India, Japan and Philadelphia. I was part of Team Philadelphia of the blue sash and travel/dining teammates.

We were given P500 each and a list of ingredients to buy. I forget now if we were given 15 or 30 minutes to shop. The first team to get back to the resto was given prizes (we were first!) but the real task was to plate fish and chips according to the country of inspiration.

Melo, a sef-proclaimed foodie and OC plater (is there such a word?) took charge. We asked for a basket and proceeded to just surround the fish and fries with the healthy veggies and colorful cheese we bought. We were the first to finish plating as well. We called ours Philly Fish Steak, inspired by the Philly Cheese steak ingredients of cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

The Other groups were just as inspired and prepared. Unfortunately for them, the judges decided that ours was still the best! Maybe because it's the most realistic and doable presentation of all. We each were awarded P500 Fish & Co. GCs.

The worst thing about the event though is me forgetting to charge my cam batteries. I ended up missing out on a lot of photo opportunities.

shopping and running

before plating ours

after the fact


Needless to say, we were also treated to Fish & Co. treats. I actually really loved the fish fillet that's Malaysia-inspired (they have this platter where you can get all 4 flavors, fries and some veggies for P700 I think). It's spicy but not overly so. The India one has curry while the Japan one is wrapped in nori (seaweed wrap?) before being fried.

Since we didn't order any other dish but went straight for the dessert options, I can't really say much about their other offerings. But neighboring bloggers eating their hearts out seem to really enjoy what they ordered.

And mind you, the desserts WERE really treats! I had the hot fudge chocolate cake (P195) and I really loved the presentation, the portion (enough for two!) and the taste (the vanilla ice cream was really creamy and the cake was really moist and rich without being irritatingly sweet). Other desserts like tiramisu and the fruit something were also invitingly presented that it would really be hard to convince yourself that you're not indulging when you order them.

hot fudge chocolate cake


Fish & Co. is true to their word... they do not offer good food, what they offer is a great dining experience!

Crocs Mega Sale at Megatent

As most of you probably know, there is a Crocs megasale going on at the Megatent along Meralco Avenue since yesterday and until tomorrow. The sale is from 10:00 AM to 8 PM. For those who are planning to catch the last day of sale tomorrow, here are things you might want to know:

1) There is an entrance fee for non-BPI card holders of P50.

2) There are two lines going into the tent. One (on the left) is supposedly for non-cardholders and the right one is for BPI cardholders. But since only one person gets free entrance per card, and people going there usually come in packs, it doesn't really matter where you line up as you would still have to go to separate counters inside.

3) Supposedly, they let in 50 people every five minutes (25 from each line). From the time you get there, expect an hour before you finally get inside (except maybe in the morning, when people have really converged and lined up ahead of time).

4) Most of the kids' Crocs are 60% discounted. And if you're a fan of the brand, it IS a worthwhile sale to go to as there are many designs and colors to choose from.

5) Expect a super big crowd inside. If you have companions, it may be wise to have someone fall in line at the payment line already and just alternate shopping. The BPI/Credit Card line moves faster than the CASH line because of more terminals. Expect a minimum of two hours at the CASH line (which is really enough time to browse, shop, etc).

6) Expect to have to go through piles and piles of shoes/slippers. Attendants try their best to be helpful and maintain a sense of order for the products but rummaging shoppers are bound to mess them up. Don't be surprised if you also have to find the pair of the shoe or slipper.

7) People coming wearing Crocs and similar products have to sort of declare themselves before being allowed in.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Women's Day Digiscrapping has a new, really wonderful freebie. Women's Day Collection features quickpages and elements and papers that are feminine but not overly so.

It's a perfect kit to salute the important women in your life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Month

I know, people genrally wait for May and Mother's Day to give gifts to the inspiring, important women in their lives. But not all the women making this world a better place is a mother, so now is your chance to lift their spirits in turn and give them a greater sense of purpose.

Especially if you and your spouse don't have a child yet, and your wifey usually gets depressed around May, this is really the perfect time to buy her an Audemars Piguet luxury watch, a spa package, a wardrobe and accessory overhaul, or a buffet treat at Sofitel's.

But really, one can go over an old blog post of mine for ideas.

And really, a poem or song (even if you didn't make it for them) can do magical tricks on a woman's self-esteem. So appreciate your women if you haven't already.

Beach Fun Benefits

Few may know or notice it but summer fun at the beach can be the ultimate acne treatment one can get. Most of all, you don't pay extra for the treat.

Of course, it may not work for everyone but some do notice an improvement with their faces after a day at the beach. The sand can also act as an exfoliator so you can skip your nexct foot spa appointment.

Swimming also provides all the exercise you need by using all your muscle groups. Just make sure you put on sunscreen when you go, and try to avoid the beach during the hottest part of the day. Rest and read a book instead under a tree and let the ocean breeze cleanse your system and clear your lungs.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Medela News

At the breastfeeding training I attended, a Medela representative told us of two great news:

1) Their Pump In Style breastpump set is going to be on sale this March. From around P28k, it will be sold for about P23k.

2) The Medela Clinic is open. Aside from offering support services to Medela users, the clinic also aims to help in the breastfeeding advocacy by providing information and support to anyone. They are accepting donations of books on breastfeeding which moms can borrow and use as they are currently building on their library.

Medela's exclusive distributor and breastfeding clinic:

Medela Moms
Beng Feliciano
Exclusive Authorized Distributor
Medela Philippines
Codeine Enterprises
#29 First Street, New Manila
Tel No. 738-6272, 7253723 and 7386272, 09175614366

Business hours are 9am to 6pm, Mon-Sat.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Reverse Your Mindset

Hubs was the one who made me realize this. Some people will borrow, say, P200 to start a business (selling bottled water on consignment). Some would borrow more, say, P500 to buy baking supplies and start a cakes, cookies and cupcake business. And this is really how a lot of women on Multiply started their baked goodies sideline, by starting small and relying on ready clients (colleagues and friends) and word of mouth.

Us middle-income folks have more than P1,000 which we usually just spend dining out with friends. Let's reverse our mindset and ask ourselves then, "what can I do with P2,000 to make it generate more money? what is it that i'm good at?"

Family businesses need not start on a large scale. We do not have to be comparing suppliers for cattle supplies just yet, or buying farms and erecting buildings before we can be our own boss. We just have to sart small and be satisfied with small earnings.

As long as we do earn, then it would be more than enough to augment the family income.

The First Kiddie Party Expo

A three-day kiddie parties bazaar is going to be held at the Manila Ocean Park-Concourse Plaza on March 20-22, 2009. The bazaar will see party suppliers showcasing their wares, providing a one-stop shop for parents who are planning their kid's parties.

There are supposedly a lot of freebies to be given away daily... and a Grand Prize of a Party Package for 70 pax!

Visit Kidstime or Children's Avenue for more details.

Ms. Geronimo from Manila Ocean Park says that Shows and Activities at the Concourse c/o KIDDIE Party Expo are OPEN and FREE to the PUBLIC. OCEANARIUM ENTRANCE requires standard ENTRANCE FEE ( P400 – Adults ; P350 – kids 41/2 feet & below).

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Summer Sprucing

Summer has come indeed. With it, mosquitoes and other bugs/pests are not far away. It is certainly time to check your home for much needed repairs. Hinges have gone rusty? Oil them or replace them. Have doorknobs been giving you a hard time? Maybe you want to consider installing industrial knobs instead?

Gutters and roofs have broken down or are filled with litter, debris and who knows what else? Declutter, fix or replace. And repaint them. At least the summer heat is sure to dry the paint up in no time, and your home will be ready for the rainy months. Replace screens, clean air-conditioning units, and go through all your stuff with a garbage bag for all the things you really have no use again for.

This is also the perfect time to get your sewage tank pumped or to build additions to the family home.

Also, check for wires that may have gotten exposed to avoid fires this summer. Invest an entire weekend for this project so you need not get hassled bythem later on. Plus, your home's safety and security is your family's as well.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Brag Bangle

I saw my friend wearing one yesterday and this is really a great accessory. Check out Brag Bangle in multiply. It's kinda big/wide (the better to appreciate the pictures on it) and fashion-wise, am not sure if everyone can pull the look off, but it's really cute!

Up to six pictures can be printed on the bangle. Perfect Mother's day gift, I think.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Thicken Your Chowder

Wondering what's the best way to thicken your chowder without it tasting too starchy after a while?

Instead of flour, use those instant mashed potatoes, the most popular brand being Betty Crocker's Potato Buds, and sprinkle on your chowder. Some even get the flavored ones (Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes) to add flavor to the chowder. Just go easy on the sprinkling, you don't want your chowder to be too thick, after all.
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