Thursday, February 19, 2009

What to Shop for Next?

Wondering what to shop for next?

Summer outfits, for sure! Especially now that it already feels like summer has come, be on the watch for sale announcements for thin shirts, swim suits, shades and sunscreens.

Also, expect a lot of colorful stuff. Neon green, yellow and pink will be in again. Tie-dyed shirts and sarong-like dresses will also be HOT again.

Breezy outfits, loose garments, light fabrics are also in again. Maybe even caps and hats as people are inclined to be out (and in beaches and pools).

Just don't forget to hydrate though. And when you shop, go after you've just eaten. And of course, it always helps to sightsee first (without your credit card) and just return for must-buys!

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