Monday, February 02, 2009

Touch and Burn

Want to burn more calories but really hate to exercise?

Why not give your beloved a massage instead, and burn calories that way?

Sure, it's not really exercise because you don't really get to a panting, gasping point where your heart rate is up when giving a massage, but it's still an activity that gets you moving. And moving is something we're all tending to neglect to do which is why we're not burning calories.

So schedule a date with your husband or partner, or even a friend. Agree to massage each other (say, I do you on Tuesdays and you do me on Thursdays). It's a great bonding activity where you can just talk in a relaxed manner, or you'd at least be guaranteed a good night's sleep each week. For partners, it can set the mood for romance, and for harried parents, it can be that one chance to reconnect each week from getting lost in all your parental and work duties.

Giving a massage may not be exercise but it will make you sweat if you do it right. Chances are, it will also help strengthen your own muscles (hopefully, tone them too!) as you do all that lifting, twisting, and kneading.

And you don't need a massage certificate before you try. You can Google tips and tricks and you can just put more pressure on the carress. After all, massage is beneficial not because of the techniques but because of the magic of touch.

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