Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not-So-Instant Pancit Canton

200 gms. of pancit canton
2-3 cups of mongo sprouts
1 white onion, chopped
1/4 kilo ground pork
some salt and pepper to taste
some oil

for the sauce:
8 tbsps of soy sauce
1-2 tbsps of sesame oil
3 pcs. calamansi (juice)
chili powder/chili oil

1) Season ground pork with some salt and pepper ahead of time (like 2 hours ahead of time).
2) Combine the sauce ingredients in a saucer.
3) Boil water and cook the pancit canton noodles. Season the water with some salt (I actually used a small amount of BEEF cube) and oil. When cooked, set the noodles aside.
4) In a pan or wok, boil the ground pork using some of the broth from the noodles in medium heat. Once all water has evaporated, add some oil and sautee. Add the onions.
5) Add the mongo sprouts and just keep on stirring everything.
6) After two minutes or so, add the noodles and just keep on stirring so nothing will stick on the pan. Feel free to add more oil when necessary.
7) Add the sauce and keep stirring. When everything's properly sauced, turn off the stove.


This was actually inspired by the Hongkong fried noodles I like buying from malls. Feel free to add more sesame oil, or calamansi juice, or chili. No need to use more salt and this isn't salty at all.

I guess you can also use ground beef for more taste. And other veggies to your liking. I just like the crunch of mongo sprouts and the no-fuss cooking it requires.

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