Thursday, February 05, 2009

Liquids for Weight Loss

Few people do not fully appreciate the fact that liquids are the only weight loss product most people need.

Water (at least eight glasses every day, and a glass more for every ten pounds over the healthy weight, I believe) hydrates us. It's the oil that keeps our machines (systems) working. It also washes away toxins.

Soup, especially vegetable and chicken broths, eaten before meals will fill you up, and comfort your soul. It's healthy, nutritious, and doesn't really require much expense.

Milk is basically self-explanatory.

Juice, fresh fruit ones that is (or just eat the fruit!) will give you your sugar boost and antioxidants without the downside of sugar highs.

And tea. It's been proven for centuries that tea helps us keep healthy.

So, always remember, hydrate to keep fit!

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