Saturday, February 28, 2009

Divi Cheap Finds

One of the cheaper finds one can see in Divisoria, and this would be true whether you go to the New Divisoria Mall, the 168 Mall, or the Cluster Building is cheap lingerie.

Cotton panties are usually sold by the dozen. And then there are the brassieres with thick foams. And yes, even street sellers can be seen hawking these stuff (the bras can come as cheap as P50). But there are also stalls in the malls offering lingerie, cutesy or erotic underwear that either leave a lot, or a little, to the imagination. They come in gawdy colors and all kinds of fabric. If you want to channel your inner animal, go for leopard print panties and nyties. If you want the luxury of lace, or over-the-top feather boas, just ask. If you want expression undies and matching tees, they're also sure to have an array to choose from.

Some stalls also sell cheaper versions (not sure if they're knock offs or those that didn't pass quality control or export overruns) of popular brands.

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