Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beat Dysmenorrhea with Circulan

Thankfully, I am not like some women who suffer from dysmenorrhea. I have been spared migraines, major aches and seemingly unmanageable heavy flow during menstruation.

My sister is unlucky though. My sister-in-law too. But somebody suggested to my FIL to have his daughter take Circulan daily to take care of the dysmenorrhea. And it did work for my SIL. The raging pains that would have her curled up for two or three days stopped. So I suggested that my sister take the same (after all, its supposedly just a herbal supplement for the blood). It worked for her too.

So if your daughter (or you) is suffering from dysmenorrhea, ask her (or your) OB Gyne if she can take Circulan. Maybe you can also ask friends for referrals so you can get the product at discounted prices.

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